THE GOOD WIFE “Get A Room” Review

THE GOOD WIFE “Get A Room” Season 3 Episode 3 – To a large extent the show I fell in love with returned in a form in the third episode of what has been a ridiculously disappointing third season. It still has that arrogant air about it which makes it hard to like, but this was an all round solid episode, guest starring Lisa Edelstein (who, as the episode’s closing suggests, might be joining the firm) as the opposition in a case of spinal tap (though not really. It had something to do with spines and discs and was won with a dastardly patent but I just really wanted to use the phrase ‘spinal tap’). Alicia’s brother Owen, otherwise known as Exposition Man, returns to, you guessed it, provide plenty of exposition. And Eli handles cheese.

We’ll get Eli’s thing out of the way first because it was the least interesting and, despite giving us a substantial case of cheese, did not have the courtesy to be cheesy. Eli’s subplots usually contain a fair few killer scenes, but these scenes were jumbled and seemed more intent on having him react with outrage to a variety of flubs in a way I can only imagine was meant to be the height of all hilarity.

Edelstein’s character is yet another woman who inexplicably fawns over Will, but she’s smart and sassy with a strangely good memory in that leggy way The Good Wife likes their female lawyers to be (except Martha Plimpton-please, get her back on the show, stat!) Will of course outmanoeuvres her with Alicia’s help. I’m not sure what else I can say about this since I’ve actually forgotten most of what happened within this plot and I feel like it’d be cheating to go online and read other reviews just so I can get myself clued into an episode which ended (and I’m not joking) nine minutes ago. What the hell happened with the Alicia and Will storyline, outside of the rehashed ending from the second season?

The best part of the episode was the domestic stuff. The character moments in the procedural side of things were unusually sparse and spare, but despite the presence of Owen, Exposition Man, I care enough about Alicia’s children to overcome a tired story device. Plus, Jackie’s back-for way too short a time, though the fact that she has her own key and came into the apartment when the children weren’t due back for at least three hours is decidedly suspicious. I love Grace’s tutor friend and her dance videos, which are a delicate mix of the silly, the sublime and the sinister and I am curious as hell to see what is up with her.

The show still isn’t on par with the heights it attained last season in terms of quality. I read somewhere that Robert and Michelle King had the first two seasons mapped out, and this is the first season they’re jumping into without a strict plan. If that’s the case, then I’m quite relieved: hopefully they’ll refind the magic within the next few weeks. There are still hints of the deliriously juicy stuff which made the second (and, to a lesser extent, the first) so good.

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