TERRA NOVA “What Remains” Review

TERRA NOVA “What Remains” Season 1 Episode 4 – Terra Nova returned this week with “What Remains”, and with the show somewhat struggling in ratings in its first two weeks, they have a lot to prove in its first few episodes to keep its diminishing audience from dying out completely.

“What Remains” actually had quite a different tone than the first few episodes, with the “mystery” of the week taking on the feel of a psychological thriller. It was nice to have such a change of pace with the feel of the episode, but it’s a shame that the actual quality of the story wasn’t that great. I mean, it’s the third episode, and we already have an “amnesia” story? Kinda jumping the gun a bit, aren’t we?

Outside of the quarantine story line, the family drama side of the story continues to be really messy. Maddy and Reynolds’ “romance” trudges on because, you know, an attractive young lady on a network TV show needs to be with a good-looking man. That’s just TV law, apparently. You know how I called him “Reynolds” a couple seconds ago? That’s because I just looked him up on IMDb because in reality I have no idea who this kid even is. His character is so woefully underdeveloped, the only reason we’re supposed to believe that Maddy fell in love with him is because he’s the only attractive, age appropriate male in existence!

Speaking of people having limited options, the other required romance of the show took a few small steps forward. Skye and Josh shared a nice little kiss this week, only for Josh to wuss out and bring up his girlfriend again. Why Skye even likes this loser in the first place is anyone’s guess, and why she wants to actually help him get his girlfriend to Terra Nova makes even less sense.

The only relationship that we really care about is Jim and Elisabeth, as they continue to be a strong, believable married couple. I especially liked Malcolm and Jim’s newfound friendship this week. Thankfully, Jim seemed to drop the jealousy he had for Malcolm, so that just leaves them to have witty and biting banter between each other.

So guess what,

Terra Nova started off strong with a well done and promising pilot, but then dipped a bit in quality in its second episode. Now we’re at the third episode, and everything about it felt goofy and out of place. The pilot episode introduced a lot of interesting potential plot points with the drawings near the waterfall and the Sixers, but ever since then it just feels like we’re running in place. I know that we got a little scene at the end, but it’s not enough to keep me from feeling a bit bored.

I feel like this show works great as a guilty pleasure. Like, maybe in a few years when they’re showing reruns on FX you’ll see it when you’re channel surfing and stop for a few minutes. However, the budget on this show is astronomical, and FOX doesn’t want “guilty pleasure” numbers, they want “Huge megahit” numbers. I hope the viewership stays for us to get at least enough time to see resolution to the waterfall drawings and the Sixers story line, but at this point I’m not very optimistic.

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Random Thoughts:

– I was hoping that when Jim found Taylor after he had gone crazy, that he would be running around the forest, naked and covered in mud.

– I laughed out loud when Taylor looked at the brontosaurus and said “No way”. Then just kept on riding his little motorcycle.

– I also laughed out loud when Stephen Lang growled “Terra Nova!” when he woke up from his craziness. I don’t know what it is, but this guy is comedy gold.