MASTERCHEF Season 3 Announced

Fox looks like they’ll be sticking with their award winning series MASTERCHEF. Announcing the good news for fans, the network’s President of Alternative Entertainment, Mike Darnell, has shared that the intense cooking show has secured another year. MasterChef season three is officially on the way!

Season three will feature the regular trio of the talented and stern likes of Chef Gordon Ramsay, and his expert and experienced co-horts Joe Bastianich and Chef Graham Elliot, as they travel to “more cities than ever before to uncover the country’s very best amateur cooks.”

MasterChef, that has given prior contestants the opportunity to establish themselves in the world of food, with cookbooks and catering businesses, will once again find the next amateur through rounds of difficult cooking challenges that are always entertaining in an atmosphere full of intensity and pressure.

The series, produced by Reveille and One Potato Two Potato, is the creation of Franc Roddam, with the help of Shine International.

The reality fare is executive produced by top Chef Gordon Ramsay, Elizabeth Murdoch, Robin Ashbrook, Adaline Ramage Rooney, Pat Llewellyn and Ben Adler. Stay tuned on upcoming details surrounding MasterChef season three. It looks like next year will be interesting. Will you be tuning in?