HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER The Complete Season 6 DVD Review

how i met your mother season 6 dvd

20th Century Fox has released the lastest season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER on DVD. The Complete Season 6 “The New Is Always Better Edition” contains a 3 disc set of the show with all 24 episodes as well as special features to give you even more How I Met Your Mother. The question is, can you ever get enough?

How I Met Your Mother is a CBS show that revolves around a group of friends Lily (Allyson Hannigan), her husband Marshall (Jason Segal), Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Ted (Josh Radnor). The show is a story told from the viewpoint of Ted in the year 2030 as he regales his children with the tale of how he met their mother. The sixth season of How I Met Your Mother dealt with some rather serious issues for a half hour comedy including trying to get pregnant and a large loss for one of the characters. There was also the search for a character’s real parent. Although How I Met Your Mother tackled these plots with the seriousness required, they wrapped it in the humor one would expect from the show and that results in the viewer relating to and caring for the characters as if they were their own friends.

The bonus features are spread out among all 3 discs. They are as follows:

Disc 1

Commentary on “Big Days” with creators and producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas

Commentary on “Natural History” with Carter Bays and Josh Radnor who plays Ted Mosby

The Making of “Subway Wars” – a behind the scenes look into the episode that found the gang challenging each other as to the quickest way to travel around New York. The best part of this feature was the in depth look into how much consideration was given to the scenery and location, especially since it was all fake as the cast films in LA. Each actor also provided commentary on why their character would win and why. Definitely a fun feature. (You can watch a clip here)

Deleted Scenes – This was about four minutes long and there was no delineation or titling to explain what scene the viewer is looking at. Part of the fun for me in deleted scenes is comparing them to what was actually aired. I like to go back and look at the episode again. For something like that, this feature made things very difficult. Aside from that, I enjoy any extra Barney time I can get. Each disc had about the same amount of deleted scenes on it.

Disc 2

Commentary on “Bad News” with Jason Segal (Marshall) and Allyson Hannigan (Lily) – this was my favorite commentary. Some viewers prefer to know more about how an episode and show are made. I prefer to learn more about what the actors playing the characters think of the show and the way they portrayed the scenes. In fact, I was a bit annoyed when Carter Bays broke through the commentary with his own commentary for that very reason. There was also a very fun tidbit about the numbers used in the episode.

Behind the scenes of “Glitter” – another behind the scenes look at an episode of the show, this one where they gang finds the old footage of Robin’s show “Glitter.” Not only was Cobie Smulders playing Robin in the current time, but also in the footage that they found. What I enjoyed about the behind the scenes features is the contrast between the table reads and the actual scenes, both shared with the viewers. I find it interesting to see things in the rough.

Disc 3

Gag Reel – This was about 8 minutes long and not as funny as I expected, which means it was still way more funny than most DVD gag reels.

What We Know About Your Mother – This features was a summary, in list format, of what we have learned about the identity of Ted’s wife and mother of his children. After six seasons, the list was only eight items long. There was a ninth item with quite a few subparts, but that is new information for the viewer. A lot of critics complain that the identity of the mother is no longer important and that no one cares. I tend to disagree as I think it serves as a cohesive background for the show and the group of friends.

“Stand By Me” Extended Performance

Commentary on “Legendaddy” with John Lithgow and Neil Patrick Harris

My recommendation is buy this! If you are a fan of How I Met Your Mother, this should be a no brainer. Even the more casual fans would enjoy the behind the scenes and table reads and the feature that lays out what they should know about the mother to help look for her next season. I enjoyed watching this DVD almost as much as I did watching the show the first time around.

How I Met Your Mother The Complete Season 6 on DVD is available now for purchase on Amazon.

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