HOUSE “Transplant” Review

HOUSE “Transplant” Season 8 Episode 2 – Well, this is it. This is the big reveal episode where we find out how Lisa Edelstein’s Cuddy is going to be written out of the show. Apparently the answer is…pretty easily.

House has always been a show that sweeps a little too much under the rug. With the exception of last week’s episode, Doctor House has broken hundreds of laws and hasn’t atoned for any of them. However, we actually got multiple mentions of Cuddy at the beginning of “Transplant”, which was more than I would have expected from this show. It was great for the show to mention her a little bit as they introduce Foreman as the new dean of medicine for Princeton-Plainsboro.

We were also introduced to House’s new “Team”, played by the wonderful Charlyne Yi (Knocked Up, Paper Heart). I was genuinely shocked when I found out that she would be cast as a new member of House’s team, and even more shocked when I learned that she would have to hold her own one-on-one with House since the rest of the team would be absent for the first few episodes. Amazingly, I thought she did a great job. She’s known for being quirky and weird, and she was able to mix her weirdness with a straight laced, trying-too-hard Asian stereotype that House was more than pleased to call her out on. I know that a lot of people will possibly have a very different feeling about her, but I’m actually a fan. At least it’s something different from the rest of the team that we’re so sick of by now.

Even though the rest of the team isn’t around right now, this episode did feel pretty vacant with only House, Wilson, Foreman and Park were the series regulars in the episode this week. I’m not saying I want the rest of the team rushing back, because I don’t, but we just need some way to make it feel a little less…empty.

Even though I’m usually a champion for change on this show, and switching up the formula, I was a big fan of House and Wilson reconciling in the final scene. House needs somebody to bounce ideas off of, and to be a sounding board and confidant, and Wilson is great as that character.

Overall this was a solid episode that introduced our newest member of the team, and it looks like next episode reintroduces an old favorite and a newbie. It’ll be exciting to add back some eye-candy, as Charlyne isn’t really doing it for me.

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Random Thoughts:

– Are we no longer having the House theme song? These past two episodes have just shown a quick logo and gone straight into the show.

– I was very excited to see Ralph Garman playing Bobby. If you’re a southern California resident like myself, and you’ve listed to KROQ, then you might recognize him from the Kevin and Bean show. Man, it’s weird seeing people that you know from radio in real life.

– Why didn’t they sing to the girl who blew out the candles on her birthday cake? Wilson just counted down. Who counts down for a birthday cake?