ENLIGHTENED (HBO) “Pilot” Episode 1


ENLIGHTENED “Pilot” Episode 1 premieres on Monday October 10 at 9:30 PM.

Synopsis: Following an on-the-job breakdown, Amy Jellicoe (Laura Darn), a corporate buyer, returns home from an extended stay in a holistic treatment center. With a kinder-andgentler attitude, Amy moves in with her mom, Helen (Diane Ladd), while making overtures to her company, Abaddonn Industries, to get her job back. Meanwhile, she reconnects with her ex-husband, Levi (Luke Wilson), but a relaxing evening short-circuits when he reverts to his old ways. The next morning, after reciting her new mantra – “I will change, and I will be an agent of change” – Amy returns to the office to start a new chapter in her life. But will Abaddonn take her back?

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