CASTLE “Kick the Ballistics” Review

CASTLE Kick the Ballistics

CASTLE “Kick the Ballistics” Season 4 Episode 4 – Thank you cast and crew of tonight’s Castle for another one of those serious episodes that I’ve come to love. Thank you also for adding more fuel to the fire underneath my Ryan crush. The embers of that crush began the moment I spotted him but were fanned a bit in last season’s episode where he and Castle came up against the 3XK Killer.

Tonight’s episode harkened back to that one as Ryan’s gun, the same gun Tyson took from him that day, is used in the murder of a young girl. Needless to say, Ryan is torn up by what happened and makes it his personal mission to find the real killer and bring them to justice. The rest of the team is on the same mission but also take on the task of making sure that Ryan is okay as well. I really enjoyed watching how they all came together to protect him, each in their own way.

None more so that Esposito, who happily puts himself in harm’s way (and under the possible wrath of the captain) to help Ryan get to their victim’s lover and try to talk the man into helping them catch the real killer. In the end they do get to the murderer and though it didn’t lead to the 3XK Killer, I have no doubt that they will get there someday. I also have no doubt that when they do, Ryan and the rest of the team are going to pay that man back for everything he has done.

My favorite bits..

“Wow, who knew cement overcoats would be back for fall.” – Damn and I just threw mine away at the end of last season.

LOVING the more somber title card to go with the mood of that opening scene. Nice.

The way they showed us how messed up Ryan was about a woman being killed with his gun, with the quick edits that ended in a few seconds of silence. Very effective.

“Yeah he must’ve mentioned that when I was out cold on the floor.” – Ryan’s pain and shame when he said that hurt my heart.

Castle admitting that days like the one he’d just had reminded him that all he was doing was playacting. Oh, ouch.

The look Beckett gave Ryan when he pushed the guy to take a closer look at the photo.

Castle checking in with Esposito to see how Ryan was doing. Aw.

Finding out that the guy they were chasing was a cop. Okay, I didn’t see that coming.

Beckett standing on the other side of the glass and telling Ryan to keep it together in interrogation.

Totally knowing that Ryan was going to go after Carter as soon as he made the crack about the murderer using Ryan’s gun. What an ass.

Ryan admitting to Beckett the stupidest thing he’d ever done as a cop…before he let the 3XK killer take his gun. Again, that hurt.

Yikes. Is every gun in town a Glock 17?

That entire scene between Ryan and Finn in the holding cell. The best part was Ryan holding up the cross for Finn to see and tell him how afraid Jane had been when she died.

The absolute FIRE that was shooting from Ryan’s eyes when he promised Philip that he was going to make him carry the weight of the murder he’d committed with Ryan’s gun.

Beckett slamming the Captain’s door after she ordered Ryan to go home.

Esposito following Ryan and telling him wherever Ryan was going, he was going, too.

Ooh…methinks Ryan and Esposito are about to do something naughty, and I like it. No, that THAT kind of naughty, gutter minds.

Totally not even recognizing Esposito when he came out in that ridiculous get-up. That was awesome.

Thinking that Ryan looked pretty good in that ball cap. What? Wrong time? My bad.

Castle subtly taking a pic of Ryan and Esposito in those clothes.

Castle jumping half out of his skin when the captain walked in the room.

Feeling about as tense as everyone in the van when Ben was trying to get his brother to admit to the murder.

My heart breaking when Ben was shot and Ryan ran over to do CPR.

“Damn Castle, look at you thinking like a real cop.” – Aw.

“You are a better cop, Kevin. You’re a better MAN, because you didn’t send him in there alone.” – Loved Castle calling him by his first name. Because they never do that, you know that he really wanted Ryan to get the message.

OMG! Ben was faking?? That is awesome. Oh damn, why is that making me cry now?

Everyone toasting Ryan..but Ryan toasting to Jane. Oh crap, here come more tears.

What did you think of this episode of Castle? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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