THE AMAZING RACE “Don’t Lay Down On Me Now!” Review

The Amazing Race “Don’t Lay Down On Me Now”, Season 19 Episode 3 – Before I get to my review of this week’s Amazing Race episode, “Don’t Lay Down On Me Now”, please understand that I just watched and reviewed the Breaking Bad finale. I’m still coming down from such a heightened emotional state, but I’ll try to calm down long enough to review this week’s episode.

The week gets off to a fun start as we see the contestants do a little bike ride. It’s always a bit questionable in this game when somebody’s bike, car, or whatever just doesn’t seem to work. I guess it’s just the “Luck of the race”, but if you just happen to get the defective bike, taxi driver, or car, it can mean you’re eliminated. This week was a great example. First we see Ernie and Cindy have trouble with their bike pedal, and then later we see Amani and Marcus have a crappy cab driver that gets them lost on the way to the detour. This is two very strong teams that are given big disadvantages at absolutely no fault of their own. I know there’s nothing the Amazing Race producers can do about that, but it’s just a bummer.

Bill and Cathi are quickly becoming my favorites. I loved when they yelled at their taxi driver, joked about dying soon, and when Cathi yelled at Bill to be quiet when giving his answers at the road block.

I really am not a fan of teams telling other teams the answers to road blocks or detours. I genuinely think that it should be punishable as a penalty at the end of the leg. If you just get told the answers to the challenges, then it doesn’t reflect any of your skills. It just means that you’re running the race with friendly people. Some people argue that it shows that you’re good at making friends, or else they wouldn’t be told the answers, but I don’t buy that. Also, if another team is stupid enough to tell you the answer to a challenge, then you should probably remember it!

So it seems that karma caught up with Kaylani and Lisa. They should have been eliminated in week one after dropping their passport at the gas station, but now it’s caught up to them and they’re out. It was nice of Phil to be so friendly to Kaylani when she was crying, but I was glad to see them go.

Random Thoughts:

– Is “Taxi” just spelled like “Taksi” in Indonesia? Or did they try to spell it in English and just spell it phonetically?

– Dude, those were the ugliest sheep I’ve ever seen.

– How can Marcus hear Peyton Manning yell audibles at him for all those years, and not remember some numbers and hand gestures. Numbers and hand gestures is pretty much all that audibles are!