PSYCH Season 6 Poster and Previews

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Season 5 of PSYCH premieres on Wednesday October 12 at 10pm on USA.

Show Description: Shawn Spencer (James Roday) hails from a family of cops, and was fully expected to carry the torch by his father, Henry, who meticulously schooled his son from a very young age in the finer points of detective work. But while Henry made him a detective, he can’t make Shawn be a detective.

It soon becomes clear that Shawn’s extraordinary powers of observation and deduction are still no match for his overdeveloped sense of fun, as he takes a string of random jobs strictly for enjoyment and entertains himself calling in tips to the police hotline for crimes he sees on television.
And then one night, one of Shawn’s tips lead police somewhere he never imagined — back to him. It seems detectives believe information this accurate could only have come from the inside, and Shawn is the suspect.

Desperate to avoid jail time, Shawn hastily explains that his insight is really second sight – he’s a psychic. And though skeptical, the department is impressed and Shawn is hired on as a “psychic consultant”.

Immediately enlisting the assistance of his reluctant best friend, Gus, Shawn opens his own agency, PSYCH, taking his talent for detective work — and fun — in a new direction.

Psych Season 6 Artwork