DEXTER “Once Upon a Time” Review

DEXTER Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 2

DEXTER “Once Upon a Time” Season 6 Episode 2 – Amid highly publicized and scrutinized contract disputes between star Michael C. Hall and Showtime, Dexter returned this week with “Once Upon a Time”. It was another pretty solid episode that introduced our new major guest star, but it’s hard to feel like we’re not just running in place right now.

We started out with a very sweet scene between Dex and Harrison, where we see Dexter enjoying one of his other favorite rituals: Putting Harrison to bed. It’s really nice to see Dex interacting with his son in this way, as Harrison and Rita’s kids have really just acted as a hindrance to Dexter’s extra-curricular activities. It’s obvious that Harrison, and how Dexter is choosing to raise him in his formative years, is going to be a big theme this season, and I’m happy about that.

Meanwhile, we quickly see Quinn try to right his wrong of being interrupted during his proposal, and he proposes to Deb over…pancakes. Now one of my biggest problems with Dexter as a show is that they always gloss over what happened in previous seasons, or just never bring up past events. So I’m not sure (Maybe some of you can remind me) if Deb has ever told Quinn that the last person to propose to her ended up being a prolific serial killer and tried to murder her. If Quinn did know about this, then it’s a little surprising that he’d be stupid enough to spring a proposal on Deb with such short notice. Either way, this is an interesting development, but I’m surprised it happened so suddenly. You’d think after being thwarted at the very end of last episode, Quinn might have waited a while.

We continue to see some more moving and shaking within Miami Metro, and I continue to not care. I could really care less about Matthew and LaGuerta’s story, and the only thing of any importance that seemed to happen this week was Deb’s promotion to lieutenant. The only person that this seems to affect is Batista, and while it’s a bummer to see such a deserving member of the cast be overlooked for this promotion, he gave Deb his blessing and doesn’t look like he’ll be too much of a problem for her as a subordinate. It looks like the only emotional fallout we get from him is in his heated discussion with LaGuerta, which I also could give a flying fart about. It looks like all of the story lines I don’t care about involve LaGuerta, and I’m starting to think that’s not a coincidence.

Speaking of silly stuff going down in Miami Metro, Brea Grant’s lab assistant is a little too much of a caricature. I mean, who sits on a chair like that? Not only is she sticking her butt out, but then she proceeds to wave it back and forth. I get that her and Masuka’s story is mostly being played for comedic relief right now, but her character is so overly sexualized that it’s crossing over into the unbelievable. I hope they rein her character in a bit, as she just seems too good to be true for Masuka.

Moving on to story lines that I do care about, how freaking cool is Mos Def? The gangster turned minister is an awesome character for a show like this, and Mos really plays the part well. The scene where Dexter goes to find Mos at his garage, only to be ambushed by a car full of thugs, was great. We always see people with guns pointed at their face say “I’m not afraid of death”. It’s such a cliché in movies and TV shows to say that, but Brother Sam telling Julio that he “knows what’s waiting for him on the other side” was such a great line. I’m really liking his character, and I feel like I already know more about him from his few scenes then I do about our other two guest stars.

Speaking of other guest stars, we got a couple good scenes with Travis and Professor James this week, but it’s all still shrouded in such mystery that it’s hard to get a reading on it, but I am excited to see what happens next week!

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Random Thoughts:

– I’ve always thought that such a big advantage of Showtime series is that they’re an hour long, compared to the 42 minutes of other “Hour-long” series on TV. However, we don’t actually get to the show until 8 minutes in to the recording.

– Does anybody else feel like they’re ratcheting up Deb’s “F-word quota” this year? It’s possible she just swore more than usual this week because of all of her big surprises, but still.

– Has anybody else noticed a change in Dexter’s killing ritual? it used to always be one clean stab to the chest, but last week he smashed his victim with a hammer (Hammer time!) and this week he slit Julio’s throat. Do we think this is a purposeful change or is it just a coincidence?