NIKITA “Knightfall” Review

NIKITA “Knightfall” Season 2 Episode 3 – When Birkoff’s nifty new gadget alerts Nikita and co. to a slew of political assassinations committed by a Division assassin named Roman, the same Roman Nikita captured whilst she was loyal to Division, she makes it her business to take Roman out of the picture. Of course Amanda has other plans, and using Roman as a cover she has Alex take up a sniper rifle to take out the next political target: Kochenko, one of many men who shared in the killing of Alex’s family.

The third episode of this season of Nikita really hit a groove last night and it’s probably the first I enjoyed unreservedly: the directing was spot on, the writing had more humor injected into it, both intentional and unintentional – I count the corny one-liners as unintentional simply because the actors play it (appropriately) straight-faced, but I’m sure the writers must have a ball coming up with lines like: “That’s the thing about the circus…everything’s a surprise.”

The case was solid and intriguing and provided some really nice character moments – Michael posing as an awkward CNN producer was probably my favorite moment of the entire episode. The cuts to Nikita were not overdone and the dialogue was well-handled. That brick phone was hilariously gigantic though.

My main complaint concerning Michael and Nikita’s pairing is that the actors have no chemistry, and I’m delighted to own up to the fact that they can have chemistry – I’m not saying it’s the easy, natural chemistry of say, Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski on Chuck, nor is it the burning sexual tension between Ian Somerhalder and whatever it is he happens to be looking/smirking at on The Vampire Diaries. But when they’re given fun scenes like the one prior to breaking into Ramon’s house, or emotional moments like when Nikita thought Michael had died, their connection is far more palpable and believable than in the previous two episodes.

Alex had a much smaller role in this episode, and I quite like the notion that Nikita is ignorant of what she’s doing. A lesser show might have had Nikita clued in to every character step Alex makes so she can respond emotionally, but this show keeps Nikita in the dark so she never finds out what Alex is going through – which is the main problem, I would argue, with their relationship.

The ending belonged to her and she proved that she was truly her own agent. Whatever the consequences are for disobeying a directive from Division, it’s clear that what is motivating Alex this season is pure and simple vengeance. And who doesn’t love that?

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