MERLIN “The Darkest Hour – Part 2” Season 4 Episode 2

merlin darkest hour part 2

MERLIN “The Darkest Hour – Part 2” Season 4 Episode 2 airs Saturday October 8 at 8:05pm on BBC One.

Episode Synopsis: Arthur struggles to bid Merlin a final farewell. He knows Merlin needs help if he is to survive. He tells the Knights they must return to Camelot immediately. Sir Leon voices his concern – they cannot abandon their quest, for though Merlin might live, thousands more will certainly die.

Lancelot offers to take Merlin back to Gaius whilst the others continue on without them. Arthur reluctantly agrees. But Merlin is fully aware that Arthur intends to sacrifice himself on the Isle of the Blessed and begs the Prince to take him with him. Arthur refuses, leaving Merlin powerless to stop him.

As Lancelot leads the stricken Merlin off, Arthur watches him go. It is a painful parting, for the two friends know they will never see each other again…

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