BLUE BLOODS “Critical Condition” Review

BLUE BLOODS "Critical Condition" Season 2 Episode 2 (2)

BLUE BLOODS Season 2 Episode 3 “Critical Condition” – We start tonight’s Blue Bloods with the cute Frank/Frank’s offspring moment of the week with the PC getting particularly enthusiastic at the shooting range when his daughter speaks ill of her ex husband. I definitely won’t want him as an ex-father-in-law.

Meanwhile a robbery has gone awry with two perps getting away and one holding a wounded hostage inside. When the robber drops some cop lingo and sees through the hostage negotiators tricks, Danny, who’s working the case, is convinced they’re dealing with an ex cop. Or someone who watches a lot of Law and Order. It turns out he is a cop.

Jamie has a new partner, a woman who seems a little more gung ho then he is, and together they sit on a park bench in street clothes and wait to arrest anyone who picks up a placed bag of valuables. Really? The NYPD has time to set up crimes? The whole thing plays out like a What Would You Do? episode when the new partner is sure a couple of black kids are going to swipe it only to sheepishly watch as they give the bag to the cops. Cool it with the racial profiling officer. The actual thief turns out to be a tough looking white dude who swings at both cops before he’s finally taken down. I think it could have used a little more danger, with him pulling out a knife or other weapon.

When they find out the robber isn’t just a cop, he’s a cop who was under Frank’s command and fired by Grandpa when he was the PC, things get more interesting. Grandpa’s sad speech about the robber’s alcoholism and eventual drunk driving accident that forced his hand to fire him reminds us before he was a nice old man he was in charge of the entire NYPD. And when Danny realizes he knows the guy, he insists he goes in to handle it himself. Of course he manages to tackle him to the ground without getting shot, saving the day. I felt the set up of the father robbing the bank for his sick child was a little cliche, but it achieved the necessary emotion, you felt bad for the guy rather than wanting to condemn him.

Danny deserved his wife’s anger at the dinner table for putting himself in such a dangerous spot, but he seems to get out of it pretty quickly. I guess she’s use to it by now.

Speaking of the stress of family in dangerous situations, with a cop father, grandfather, and uncle who frequently talk about their exploits at the dinner table, Danny’s kids seem way too well adjusted. Shouldn’t one of them developed an anxiety disorder by now?

And since “Critical Condition” began with the sweet moment with Frank and Erin, it ends cute with Grandpa’s story about Frances. Apparently when baby Frances was in need of an ambulance ride to the ER and the EMT wanted to cart him to a less than great one, old grandpa got in his face with a gun. It really drove home how deep the Reagan family’s love (and love of threats of violence) runs. My hope for the Blue Bloods series finale? The granddaughter needs a liver transplant, the family is suddenly broke and unemployed, and the entire family, including grandpa and Danny’s boys, rob a bank together. And count the money during family dinner.

What did you think of of last nights episode? Would you rob a bank to save your child?