BEDLAM “Driven” Review


BEDLAM “Driven” Season 1 Episode 2 Review – When Molly befriends new Bedlam neighbour Leah, she’s glad to have an attentive friend around. Her relationship with Kate is faltering and Zoe is still missing after disappearing back in episode 1. Worse, her attempts at internet dating are going badly and Jed, her latest crush, is even more oblivious than Ryan.

But there’s someone haunting Leah, a resident of the former mental institution – why? Leah’s story about hiding from an abusive ex-boyfriend starts to seem a bit shaky, especially since the spirit is intent on killing her. With Ryan’s help, Jed investigates and they discover that Mackay was a man wrongly institutionalised for being a danger to his family – his unstable wife later killed herself and their two kids, Mackay powerless to help them. Mackay leads Jed and Ryan to a roadside tribute for two kids killed in a hit and run; the guys piece together the story.

It emerges that Leah did leave an abusive relationship, but she’s actually hiding from the police after running over two children while drunk. Jed wants to leave her to Mackay, but Ryan tells him that it wouldn’t be right, and she will have to live with her actions. With Mackay closing in, Jed convinced Leah to call the police and hand herself in. Mackay can now rest in peace, justice having been dealt.

Meanwhile, Ryan is still dealing with the aftermath of his brother’s death. One of the guys behind the attack is up for parole and Ryan has been asked for a testimonial. He considers his options and tells Kate that the attacker will have to live with his actions even if he gets out of jail. But after a bit of pestering, Jed admits that he’s seen how Ryan’s brother died – and the attacker was anything but merciful. Ryan eventually writes a letter admitting that he hopes the attacker rots in jail.

I have to admit to spending the first half an episode – at least – wondering how Leah could be so calm despite all the strange occurrences. I’m still not sure why she wasn’t freaked out earlier – surely she couldn’t have thought the tire tracks were a figment of her imagination, even with the physical evidence of them? And why wasn’t she worried about actually driving the car out on the street, in case it was recognised/police ran her plates? That part of the story could have used a little clarification.

But it was still a pretty good episode. I really like Jed, Ryan and Molly and they work together well. I find Kate herself absolutely obnoxious, but I’m willing to overlook it for now in hopes that it is part of the storyline and she not just badly written. It certainly does add to the mystery behind the messages Jed keeps seeing, messages that at first glance look like warnings about Kate’s safety but then resolve into warnings about Kate herself. Is Kate a danger to others? Or is she in danger herself? I could believe the latter if her father is involved – he’s creepy and I would bet money that he’s involved in Zoe’s disappearance.

Bedlam isn’t the best supernatural show on the box, but it’s an entertaining watch with a good (and attractive…) cast. I’ve gotta admit that I’m not entirely sure why, but I can hardly wait for episode 3!

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