A GIFTED MAN “In Case of Discomfort” Review

A Gifted Man

A GIFTED MAN “In Case of Discomfort” Season 1 Episode 3 – The search for a new medical director for Clinica Sanando continues this week. Philip sends along Kate, a doctor who seems perfect for the position. But Michael dismisses her in favour of an old friend, who promptly turns down the job when he sees how woefully underfunded and understaffed the clinic is. It’s not until the end of the episode, when he has to race from his hospital to the clinic to save a patient’s life, that Michael goes to apologise to Kate and offer her the job.

Michael’s unofficial case this week is Rafe, who dislocated his shoulder playing basketball with his son. A reduction treats the problem, but when Rafe collapses on his way out of the clinic, Michael refers him to a cardiac specialist. Rafe doesn’t go, however, and it’s up to Michael to either track him down or leave him be.

Remember the kids ball that was related to Anna’s death, and acted as an omen of her coming in the pilot episode? Well, this week it was a basketball that alerted Michael to Rafe’s worsened condition. When Rafe finally did come in for treatment, it was Michael’s quick thinking that saved his life.

As unconcerned with the clinic as Michael attempts to seem, the fact that he ran to Rafe’s aid shows us that he cares a hell of a lot. Although whether he cares about the patients or about wrapping up a case satisfactorily is a little harder to figure out. Judging by his reaction to Rafe’s son, it could be a bit of both.

Michael’s official case this week was Carol, a pilot with suspected carpal tunnel. A series of tests eventually revealed that she was suffering from lesions on the brain caused by a parasite. Surgery rectified the problem, but an unexpected complication left A Gifted Man with its first cliffhanger ending. Carol is alive, but is she well? We will have to wait and see.

Carol’s case was interesting, but I disliked the character. Almost every line of dialogue referred to her occupation, and the reveal of her testing fears being related to a friend’s death from brain cancer seemed cliche after her little disappearing act. It probably didn’t help that she was – or is – being set up as a potential love interest. On the plus side, she’s not a reporter. On the minus, she looks like Michael’s sister, Christina.

The only fault I have with this show is that Michael really needs to start ignoring Anna until he’s in a closed room or start wearing a bluetooth headset. People thinking he’s talking to himself is funny right now, but eventually they’ll start to worry about his mental state.

Overall, another strong episode. Kate looks like she’ll be an interesting replacement for Anna at the clinic, and I’m curious to see how Michael’s involvement will continue once she’s in charge. Kate doesn’t look like the kind of person who will take kindly to someone like Michael dabbling in her domain, unless he’s going to help make facilities better.

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