THE SECRET CIRCLE “Heather” Review

THE SECRET CIRCLE "Heather" Episode 4 (11)

THE SECRET CIRCLE “Heather” Season 1 Episode 4 – Cassie tracks down the mysterious Heather Barnes this week, in an attempt to find out what really happened during the boat fire that killed members of the previous circle. But the further the current circle dig, the more complicated things become.

Cassie and Adam visit Heather Barnes at her brother’s house and find she’s been in a catatonic state since the boat fire. A sigil scarred into Heather’s arm leads Cassie to show Adam her family’s book of shadows, and they find the sigil and an accompanying spell in the book. Now with a way to reverse the spell, they set out to make the necessary potion.

But Diana isn’t convinced that reversing the spell is the right thing to do, at least not with their limited knowledge of magic. Frustrated, Cassie turns to Faye for help and the pair sneak in to visit Heather and reverse the spell. Seemingly nothing happens, and it is not until they’ve gone back to Cassie’s house that Heather wakes up – and attacks her brother.

Cue a real horror movie sequence in which Heather turns up at Cassie’s house, and Cassie and Faye are repeatedly attacked by her until Nick and Melissa stop attempting to get it on (more about that later) and race to the rescue. But not before Heather spills some interesting information during her lucid moments – namely that she’s possessed by a demon.

Heather is hit and killed by a passing car during her escape. Meanwhile, Adam and Diana, who had been trying to contact Cassie and heard the attack on the phone, come to tell Cassie that there was more information about the spell in Diana’s book of shadows. It was a binding spell to keep a demon trapped and unable to hurt the host. With the demon unbound and Heather dead, it now needs a new host — and it chooses Melissa, though neither she nor the others know that yet.

Meanwhile, this week, the tension between Cassie and Adam is still going strong, and Faye – the ultimate Bitter Betty – has gone back to telling Melissa how pathetic she is for wanting Nick, the scoundrel that he is. But Nick shows his softer side repeatedly this week, culminating in him telling Melissa that she deserves better than him.

This week’s episode storyline was surprisingly good, albeit an unexpected turn of events. I never would have suspected that demons would come in play, although it definitely fits the genre of the show. It’s not an unwelcome twist by any means — I’m quite excited to see what happens with the newly possessed Melissa. She’s been a fairly one note character so far, so anything that fleshes her out and gives her something to do is more than welcome.

I’m also really glad to see her relationship with Nick evolve somewhat, too. Seeing them in bed together – or heading towards bed, or getting dressed/undressed – was getting boring fast, and the turn towards a relationship finally gives Nick a chance to become a proper character too. It’ll be interesting to see how he reacts if and when he finds out Melissa is possessed.

Besides, them being able to get together helps offset the relentless tension between Cassie and Adam. I know their situation is a big romantic thing, but man, that pairing will approach UST overload fast, especially since Adam has little chemistry with Diana. Will we see Cassie and Adam together before the season is out?

And lastly, it was nice to see Cassie and Faye working together. As bitchy as she may often seem, it’s quite likely that Faye is just reacting to her situation. She’s clearly a part of the circle, but only because of her power. She’s not fast friends with any of the five, except Melissa, and now Melissa is getting closer to Nick and leaving Faye alone. I’m not saying Faye needs a romantic entanglement too – this show needs more UST like I need a whole in the head – but an actual friend she can turn to would be nice. If that friend can be Cassie, even better.

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