THE OFFICE “Lotto” Review

THE OFFICE “Lotto” Season 8, Episode 3 – We’ve all had fantasies of how wisely or frivolously we would spend imaginary lottery winnings, so I loved hearing how The Office staff would spend their share of the winnings in their dream world. Had I been in Darryl’s shoes however, I think there’s a pretty good chance I would have reacted the exact same way he did.

After the warehouse crew in The Office wins a huge lottery jackpot, they all quit their jobs on the spot leaving the Scranton office without staff to prepare their shipments. Darryl seemed pretty good tempered about it all until that call from Gayle came in to add salt to his wounds. When he explained how he had been in that same lottery pool up until he was promoted I felt pretty terrible for him, but when he added that they won playing his birthday, it was no wonder his bitterness overcame him.

This crisis in the warehouse gave Andy a chance to show his abilities as a manager and while he’s rather adept at managing the office, the warehouse was a completely different beast. The entire interview process with Andy, Darryl and the prospective warehouse hires was hilarious. Darryl’s brutally honest and cynical spiel about a life wasted in a pointless job was dark and only funny because it was not at all what Andy needed Darryl to do.

I really liked the conflict between Darryl and Andy. As Darryl continued to spiral farther into his depression, he seemed to just shut down and lose all hope. Although Andy wasn’t sure how to handle it at first, he stood his ground when Darryl’s resentment could no longer be contained. Andy’s honesty and genuine desire to see Darryl succeed was ultimately what snapped Darryl out of his self-pity party.

Even if Andy was completely useless when it came to the warehouse, he had a real awareness of what was happening in the office well before he was in a managerial position. Andy may be inexperienced, but I think that over the course of the last few episodes, The Office has been showing us how Andy was really the right choice for manager.

Erin, Dwight, Jim and Kevin working in the warehouse to get Phyllis’ order out on time reminded me so much of earlier seasons of The Office. Jim is a playful guy and he can’t help but advocate idiot ideas that just seem funny, so it’s no surprise that he came up with the name and catch phrase for their greased up paper loading system – Señor Load N Steam.

Erin just cracks me up in general, so I’m glad she was the first to volunteer for warehouse duty. After being such an advocate for Kevin’s grease idea, seeing her in that helmet being flung down their makeshift paper luge track was pretty priceless.

If I’m not laughing out loud watching The Office, I’m always smiling. There are so many little funny bits from all the characters that it seems impossible for me to really list all my favorite gags. As soon as I remember one, I think of another great moment and before I know it, I’ve basically copied down all the lines from the entire episode.

I really enjoyed this episode of The Office, and if you did too, let me know what your favorite moments were in the comments below!