THE MENTALIST “Pretty Red Balloon” Review

The Mentalist (CBS) Pretty Red Balloon

THE MENTALIST “Pretty Red Balloon” Season 4 Episode 3 – Patrick Jane hasn’t always been a good guy. That charming man who sits around drinking tea and flashing grins once used the power of that charm and those grins to do bad things to people. He used to lie to them and steal their money and while I’m very sorry that it took a tragedy such as losing his family to make him change his ways, I’m glad we have the Jane we have now.

In this episode, Jane’s past came back to haunt him when the son of an old client is kidnapped and the woman begs him to be a part of the case. I expected there to be anger when he first revealed his dirty little secret to her but I guess it just showed how frightened and desperate she was that she instead refused to believe the truth. In fact she was so ready to believe Jane was for real that when he faked yet another reading (to trick the killer into revealing himself of course), she went right along with that one, too.

In the end, once her son was home safe and sound, the woman did accept that she had once been tricked by Jane. Though I doubt this is the last time he will run into someone from his past and I have a feeling the next one may not be quite so understanding.

My favorite bits..

Jane’s fiendish little grin before he ran back up the stairs after his “competition.”

Cho and Rigsby realizing that they only had about 8 hours to save Connor. Oh no.

Jane having to explain to an old client that he was never really a psychic and had stolen her money all those years ago. Ouch.

The mother begging Jane to touch her son’s hair. Yikes.

The guys mumbling “jerk!” as they walked away from Jane. Why do I have a feeling that’s not the first time that’s happened to him?

Van Pelt defending her psychic cousin Yolanda while claiming the other guy was a fake. Ha!

The way they cut from Jane’s “reading” in the past to him holding the bear in the present.

Glass yelling at Connor to “wake up!”. Seriously? What the heck was that about?

“What is wrong with you that you treat people like that?” “Oh you should’ve seen me ten years ago.”

Lisbon telling Jane that it was like his conscience was battling his old self. I’m with Jane, that’s definitely intriguing.

Yikes. Kidnappers with machine guns? WTH?

Jumping about six inches off my couch when Van Pelt shot the guy with the machine gun.

Am I the only one wondering why Jane didn’t bother to tell the team that the “balloon man” didn’t do it *before* they went there and shot the poor shmuck? Still, putting that note in Rigsby’s coat was awesome.

Van Pelt screwing with Rigsby and telling him she enjoyed shooting people. Haha, she so got him.

Knowing right away that Jane was totally acting. He’s pretty darn good though, you gotta admit.

“See? That’s how you do a psychic reading.”

Connor reaching out to hug Van Pelt when she found him. Aw.

Jane playing back the recording of Glass after he’d tricked the man into compromising himself. Ha! Gotcha!

Jane explaining to the mom how he had guessed she would have a baby and that it would be a boy named Connor. Wow.

What did you think of this episode of The Mentalist? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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