SUPERNATURAL “The Girl Next Door” Review

Supernatural (CW) The Girl Next Door

SUPERNATURAL “The Girl Next Door” Season 7 Episode 3 – First up I just have to say bravo Jensen Ackles! Another fantastic directing job on another fantastic episode.

After the intense first couple episodes of this season, tonight’s trip into memory lane for Sam was almost tame by comparison. We start out with the boys in the LeviHospital, probably ready to become appetizers in the not-too-distant future, when Bobby shows up and saves the day. After that, things get quite for a while as Dean mopes around in a cast and Sam is still having to cause himself pain to figure out what’s real and what’s not.

But when Sam hears about some suspicious killings, he goes off in search of the culprit and winds up tracking down a woman he met as a kid. Turns out she’s been killing all right, but only to keep her son alive.

That’s where things got tough. Because I felt for her, I really did. I’m not a mom but I can imagine wanting to do anything to save my child. Yet, if it was a human going out and killing innocent people to save her children, would we let them do it? No, I don’t think so.

Funny how those thoughts were running through my mind and yet it still surprised the heck out of me when Dean went and not only tracked Amy down, but killed her. He also left her son motherless and now has one more person (monster, whatever) who wants to kill him.

While the Leviathans were a bit inactive in this one, there’s no way we’ve seen the last of them yet. The buggers have gotten smart – putting people in places where they can track the boys down. It’s only a matter of time before they catch up and I’m quite nervous about what will happen when they do.

My favorite bits..

Open compound tibia fracture? Oh poor Dean. Open compound fractures are no fun. Unfortunately I speak from experience.

Wait. They set an open fracture in a trauma room? Must. Suspend. Disbelief.

Haha, yeah the morphine dopeyness looks familiar though.

Dean falling on his ass.

Yay! Bobby!

“Hey look, a monster broke my leg.” – I really hate it when that happens….

Just about losing it when Bobby patted Dean on the cheek. All together now..AWWWW!

Chanting “C’mon Dean, c’mon Dean” right along with Bobby.

I can’t say I was surprised that Dean was getting into soap operas seeing as how he was stuck on the couch all day. The fact that they were in Spanish did throw me for a bit of a loop, though. LOL.

Sam rubbing his hand to bring himself back into present time. Oh Sammy.

Bobby pointing out to Dean that at least Sam wasn’t keeping secrets.

Dean scratching at his cast. Aw. Yep, nothing worse than an itch in a cast.

Did Sam just DARE to suggest to Dean that cake was “close enough” to pie?? Does that man not know his brother at all? LOL.

Yay! It’s little Sam!

Aw, sleepy Dean.

LOL! My Bloody Valentine commercial. Nice touch there, guys.

The TV talking about a lazy wildebeest as Dean is snoozing on the couch. Another nice touch.

“For all we know he’s road tripping with Lucifer somewhere.” – Now *that* sounds like a helluva trip!

Oh Dean, you naughty boy. Cutting off your own cast.

Little Sammy practically screaming “Stab it in the heart!” in the middle of a library. Smooth.

Yeah! That’s our little Sammy!

“You got tall, huh?” – Understatement.

Um..brains in the fridge? That’s a little odd, right?

“All the coolest people are freaks.” – Hell yeah!

Whoa. Looks like Amy has learned some moves of her own.

“I’ve been around enough bad to know good when I see it.” – Aw, sweetest line ever.

“A couple of pros in a piece of crap Impala” – Hey! Don’t you be talking down to Baby like that.

Sam opening the door and getting his lights knocked out by Dean somehow reminding me of the pilot where Dean was standing outside their dad’s hotel room and Sam yanked him in by the collar.

“New rule. You steal my baby, you get punched.” – I think if everyone implemented that, there’d be a lot less stolen cars.

Sam pointing out that he might be a freak but it wasn’t the same as dangerous. Truer words have never been said.

Sam begging Dean to trust him..and his shock when Dean actually agreed to it.

Wow..just, wow. I don’t know what to say. I do understand why Dean did killed Amy but I did not see that coming at all.

Okay that’s it. I am never eating nacho cheese again.

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • slow but good, the kicker, dean killing the monster who has a kid then telling the kid “you kill anybody, i’ll come back & kill you too”  hardcore hunter….

    • lila

      so true!

  • lila

    Congratulations Jensen Ackles on your second directorial
    success. I liked the episode, but I knew Dean would kill her.  This
    episode reminded me of Metamorphous. Sam wanted Jack, a rougarou, to live because he felt he could control his need to feed. Sam let
    Amy live to only learn she killed three people, more likely more than that.
    Think about it, she had to survive as a teenager so she had to have killed in
    order to survive until she became a mortician. Although this episode seemed Samcentric, it really was about Dean.  Other sites are making Dean seem
    less righteous because he lied to Sam and killed Amy. How is Dean supposed
    to trust Sam’s judgment? Sam’s poor judgment has landed the Winchesters in more hot water than I can count. Ruby comes to mind as one of the top ten reasons not to trust Sam’s judgment. Dean is definitely in
    survival mode. He can only Deal with things in black
    and white. Anything gray is questionable for Dean  a monster, even one as sympathetic as Amy, is
    still a monster. Unfortunately, Dean does not have the stomach to kill her monster
    kid, which he may regret down the line.

    Over all I enjoyed the episode, which is
    setting up the next episode as Dean’s guilt begins to surface and clearly his
    phone call to Bobby last week, about not doing well, is going to play out in the
    worst way. Poor Dean is so raw right now that I’m truly scared for him.  Thank god for Bobby! I knew he would have stashed
    away copies of his books. Thank you Moki for your review.

  • Jessica

    I really enjoyed this episode. I thought it was a nice breather from the breakneck pace of the last two eps, but it didn’t feel like just filler. We got a little plot movement and some character development thrown in for good measure. Jensen Ackles has again done a wonderful job directing. The shot of Dean snoring on the sofa with the wildebeest show playing in the background was hilarious. Shout outs to Dr. Who, Kill Bill, and My Bloody Valentine. Nicely done. We found out a little bit more about the Leviathans. We already knew they were smart, but they’re even smarter than I initially gave them credit for. They’ve put operatives in positions that allow them track the Winchesters down via their credit cards and aliases. Why didn’t the demons think of that? I’m glad the ep didn’t center on Sam and Dean stuck in a hospital running from Leviathans for 42 mins. That would’ve been suckage of epic proportions. Dean did have to make a difficult choice in this ep, but honestly I don’t think it was particularly difficult for Dean. Don’t get me wrong, Amy was a very sympathetic monster. She only killed to save her kid. I don’t know a parent who wouldn’t have done the same. But the fact remains she was killing people. And yeah, she said she wouldn’t do it again, but what about the next time the kid got sick? I think Sam really needed to believe that Amy was managing her “issue” because he’s desperately hoping that he can manage his over the long haul. But I think somewhere way deep down he knew that it wasn’t over and she would kill again eventually. Dean tried to make him understand that, but Sam was entirely too close to the situation to be able to see it clearly. I may be in the minority, but I didn’t believe for a second that Dean was going to go along with letting Amy just walk away. Especially after she’d killed 3 people. It’s just not who Dean is. I don’t think he necessarily wanted to kill her, but he knew he had to. He was just being practical and following his instincts. I also really liked the scene in the motel room when Sam and Dean are discussing Amy. They actually talked to and listened to each other. That is a significant change from times past when they would angrily either talk AT each other or not talk at all. This time, Sam calmly and rationally explained to Dean why he’d let Amy go, how he’d accepted who and what he is, and how he really wants Dean to just trust his instincts. Dean listened. Then he calmly and rationally explained why Amy needed to die. Sam listened but just couldn’t receive what Dean was saying. Great work from Ackles and Padalecki in that scene. Kudos to Jensen for a great job directing again. Solid episode. REALLY excited for next week’s ep!

    • lila

      I agree with you! Dean had no choice. He’s a hunter and she is a monster. Unfortunately Sam identifies with her as a freak. Your point about his need to believe he could deal is so sad. Dean is focused and he does the job regardless of how much he hates to do it.

    • ptjackson

      I missed the shout out to Dr. Who – when was that? Thanks!

      • Jessica

        Amy’s name was Amy Pond which is one of the current companions of Dr. Who.

        • ptjackson

          Ah, I have not watched the latest season yet. Thanks Jessica!!

          • Blasphemy! Do you mean to tell me you haven’t met Matt Smith yet? Stop what you are doing and make it a Doctor Who day 🙂

            • ptjackson

              Well, I think I have, actually, since he has been on Craig Ferguson. 😎 My son really likes him, and that is good enough for me!

              • Haha, but that’s not the same, you haven’t actually seen him as The Doctor. And may I say you’re son has excellent taste 😉

  • Thesuperspacemonkeyfromspace

    I think the part about Dean killing Amy was brilliant. It stayed true to the character, even to the point of making said character less like-able. Which, in the long run, keeps us more involved in the show. God knows, Rescue Me’s Tommy Gavin is a terrible human being, but we just can’t look away.

    That being said, Sam is being the poster child for honesty and good behavior, while Dean is just hiding things and going behind his back. I’m also worried about what happens when they bring Cas back- will Dean follow his logic with Amy? Or will there just be another giant out of character/show having logical fallacies moment? Either way, they better explain that in a believable manner.

    And Amy was totally awesome- even the people she killed were scum bags. Drug dealer and a car thief. Way less valuable to society than a working mother.  

    BTW- Impala X Tardis all the way.

    • lila

      A working mother who killed scumbags is ok in your book? Dean is now less like-able…in what universe.   Dean will do whatever it takes to keep the hunter’s creed, and sometimes it will be hard, but he will do it. One has to wonder why Sam has a thing for monster girls…

    • Jessica

      I don’t think Dean was hiding things. He pretty much told Sam in the motel room what he had to do and why. Sam just couldn’t receive it. So Dean let it drop and went and did what he had to do. I think maybe way deep down Sam knew exactly what Dean was going to do, which is why he was so surprised when Dean said ok to letting her go. Sam knows Dean, and he knows to Dean you’re either human or you’re monster. There is no in between. I think Dean really did understand and feel sorry for Amy, but he followed his instincts to kill her because he’s having to deal with the consequences of ignoring his instincts in the past (i.e. the Cas situation) and he doesn’t want to let that happen again. I just think Sam was way too close to the case to see it clearly. If he’d been able to just take a step back and look at it objectively, I think he would’ve eventually reached the same conclusion Dean reached.

      • lila


    • Moya

      I agree with everything spacemonkey said. I just love how this show keeps me changing favourites!
      Also, the Impala should get an episode like “The Doctor’s Wife” 🙂

  • Annebeth

    Hi there. I just discovered your reviews last week. They are awesome, thanks!
    My favorite/least favorite parts:
    Nice episode, not as good as last week’s, but I had expected that much. Sometimes you just need a few episodes of relative rest before the action and drama can spike again. This episode had much good things in it!
    Good things:
    -I liked the beginning, it kept up with the tension of last week.

    -I also liked the story of the week, although I think they got their facts wrong with the Kitsune eating brain parts… 
    -What was a good sign was that the overall mythology-arc didn’t get ignored. There was still some good Leviathan action in this one and there was talk about the mental state of Sam. Interesting difference in point of view between Bobby and Dean. 
    -Nice humor: 3D trip to Hell (commercial), Dean’s sarcasm, pie/cake, the soap opera. 
    -I loved the 1998 scenes and that storyline. It was very in-character for Sam to be irritated that he couldn’t live a normal life, and that he would let Amy live. 
    -Dean’s concern was understandible and well-acted (the look on Dean’s face themoment where Bobby said tohim that he should wait a few days!). Punching Sam in the face was unnecessary though, especially when it turned out that Sam was right about his reluctancy to tell Dean about Amy. 
    -Well-directed by Jensen Ackels! This wasa difficult episode with lots of short scenes and time-twists. He handled it well.
    Things I missed/ thought were not so good:

    -I would have loved to see the three weeks that were skipped. It’s understandible that the writers want the boys alive and kicking again, but it felt too abrupt. I think they could have easily spend an episode with the escape,recovery and living on a lowdown of the Winchester boys and Bobby. Now we missed how Sam’s injury apparently wasn’t that bad (which I found a surprise) and how Bobby reacted to hisburned down house.And where was he at the end of last episode, why didn’t he pick up his phone? (maibe that will come up in an upcoming episode?) 
    -No talk about Castiel? Bummer. I bet Dean is trying to not think about him. No Crowley either… 
    -And no Lucifer/Mark Pellegrino!! All we got was a whisper 🙁 The continuity of Sam touching his wound was a nice touch btw. 
    -I found ita bit unbelievable that Dean’s leg would be healed in three weeks. Normally a cast must stay on for like 6 weeks, right? And this looked like a serious, non-clean break. 
    -More of a personal opinion: I don’t agree with Dean at all about killing Amy. And the way that he treatedher son. I mean, they are kind of human! How would he feel, he of all people should know that it’s terrible to lose a parent when you’re so young? And like Sam said: if they were in Amy’s shoes they would probably have done the same. It’s not all black and white you know… like the Heinz dilemma of the guy who steals medicine for his dying child. 
    (sorry for my English/grammar, it’s not my native language)

    • Annebeth

      Btw: I understand where Dean is coming from, also. It doesn’t make me hate him or anything, it’s just that I agree with Sam more in this situation. Dean is just being Dean, and it looked like he was regretting what he had to do.

      Just one of the dirty jobs you have to do when you’re a hunter.

    • ptjackson

      This episode is another good example for my recent article on injury and
      recovery on TV – Dean has a compound fracture, and yet after 3 weeks he takes
      the cast off and is not even limping? I *wish* I had his healing powers!!

  • ptjackson

    I was ROTFLOL when the ad for Bloody Valentine played and then the wildebeast voice over was icing on the cake, or maybe whipped cream on the pie? 😎

    And, look, it’s Kaylee! I do have to say I was sympathetic to her. I understand why Sam did what he did, but like Amy’s mom had been suspicious all those years ago, Sam should have been suspicious when Dean agreed so quickly. At that point, I knew what Dean was going to do….

    I had been secretly hoping that the sheriff would spring the boys, but Bobby showing up, all nice and dressed up was a nice second choice… 😎 and bless him for not being an idjit and stashing copies of his library all over.

  • mary

    LMAO good good! I thought I was the only one screaming c’mon Dean!! good good. Loved the line – “they gave me Morphine…A LOT”. That was a sweet moment with Bobby and Dean, I enjoyed when Bobby handed him the crutches. Sam and Bobby, “c’mon sicko let’s get you healed…” I love bobby’s love for the boys. I get what Dean did, I really do, but I can’t help think of all the times Dean defends Sam…who in the end let out Lucifer. I mean yes Sam redeemed himself 10000%, but if Dean really lived by this code so solidly… Just a thought. However, I think Dean killing Amy Pond had more to do with the whole Cass betraying him, then anything to do with not trusting Sam’s judgment. It just sucks that Sam was pleading with him to trust him (which I truly, aside from this thing, think Dean trusts him), it had to be this ‘issue’ that Sam asked for the trust. Any other thing Sam could’ve asked, and Dean would not have broken his promise. sad….  I loved loved loved that Dean was into the soap operas, and that Bobby jumped right in on it too. Dean looking like he was going to cry…too funny. The pie/cake issue, love it. I soooo badly want a “bitch” “jerk” i know it won’t happen, but I love when they do shout outs or call backs. When Bobby is about to leave to collect his library that’s stashed here and there, totally reminded me of 6X21, “Good to meet ya, Bobby Singer, paranoid bastard”. LOVE Colin Ford…I can’t believe how much they look alike. “yes Dean I realize killing them is important”. I agree, Dean biffing it…hilarious. I liked the Rufus shout out. I loved Dean taking his own cast off…phone with Bobby ‘ok we will give it a couple days’ to picking that saw up…oh Dean. I agree on the whole punching Sam, pilot yank compare. It was awesome. But, I’m not sure if I would punch my brother in the face if I was worried about his head all the time. I mean…how many hits to the head can Sam take before he has brain damage, not caused from Hell. “Stab it in the heart!” You know Dean was laughing on the other end of the phone. Cute “Dean…how do you talk to girls?”
    —My favorite had to be the Mistress Magda credit card charges.
    —One of the many reasons I love this show, every time I rewatch an episode I always pick up on something I missed the first time (who am I kidding…several times) around. If it’s a physical added of Sam pushing on his hand, or the back round noises…I missed the Bloody Valentine thing at first. I love that rewatching an episode always offers more.
    Excellent episode as usual. Jensen Ackles, great job!!
    Final note, scariest thing about the Leviathans…they’re well organized. Let’s just hope the boys know to keep changing things.
    Question, how far back do your reviews go? Next hiatus can you review some of the first season? -random I know but I think it would be fun.

    • ptjackson

      What scares me about the Leviathians is that they cannot be killed. I mean, even God had to lock them away. That is sobering.

      • mary

        I don’t think God couldn’t kill them. I think God doesn’t want to kill. I mean he didn’t kill Lucifer, he had him locked away…like the leviathans. I think he just simply won’t kill. I also think there’s a way to kill them, or at the very least, weaken them. The answer is in Bobby’s research. Or the Leviathans would not have gone to the means they did to destroy Bobby’s house. Like Jensen said, someone knew what they were doing. Obviously it was not to kill Bobby, not that they don’t want that, Bobby just wasn’t home. I think another great place to look is at the Campbell library, unless they moved all that research to Bobbys already

        • ptjackson

          I must respectfully disagree with you. In the Old testament, God kills – consider Sodom and Gomorrah for instance. Also all the people killed in the Flood.

          • mary

            I totally agree with that, but on the show, he seems to not kill, or maybe not kill but not go to the trouble of it. I’m just wondering if God can kill them. I don’t know. I think Death could kill them? I don’t think he will, but it seems higher powers tend to not want to lift a finger ya know?

            • ptjackson

              Hi! Oh, right – I was not thinking in the proper context – you are right, God on the show seems to be detached and not taking action. I guess Death needs the proper motivation – maybe he thinks it is not his business. LOL….

  • Best part to me was the Doctor Who reference. So unexpected in but so cool! Poor Amy Pond.

    A pretty good episode overall.