PROJECT RUNWAY “This Is For The Birds” Review

PROJECT RUNWAY Season 9 Episode 11 (5)

PROJECT RUNWAY “This Is For The Birds” Season 9 Episode 11 – The inspiration for this week’s challenge were birds. A raven, a cockatoo, and a parrot are all the color palettes for a new line by L’Oreal. The designers are broken into pairs and are then expected to not work TOGETHER, but against each other.

This is an interesting switch the Project Runway team challenges. The teams are like this: Laura/Anya, Viktor/Kimberly, and Bert/Josh. I completely expected fur (or would it be feathers?) to fly between Bert and Josh, but since the designers are competing against each other both were able to design with their own tastes in mind and not have to worry about someone taking over.

With $300 in hand, the pairs are assigned a bird and get to head over to Mood. Viktor and Kimberly both choose the softer colors since they’re working with the cockatoo, Anya and Laura have the raven, and in either a great or horrible move Josh and Bert get the parrot. The loud, obnoxious parrot. Don’t ever give Josh a REASON to not tone down his designs; he has enough trouble with them to begin with!

Anyway. The designers begin their looks and Kimberly is NOT having a great day. She finds a smudge on her white fabric, sews through her finger, and to top it all off is working on a piece that is really out of her comfort zone. Being paired with Viktor has made her realize that she could be in trouble – she needs to step up her design a notch. Viktor is creating a GORGEOUS Greek inspired one shoulder gown. He takes A LOT of time and adds feather detailing to one side. Personally, I loved the dress, but I’m Viktor fan, so I could be biased.

On the other end of the work room, Bert is creating something that looks like a Barbie dress. It’s a reptile bodice, gray skirt, and yes. there was color popping underneath it, but BLAH. Boring and dated.

Josh starts in with fifty (okay, like five) different shades of green and starts putting together what LOOKS like a cute little number, but he starts to question if he’s going too far over the top.

Anya has created a black dress with a sheer overlay that I also adored. Then again, I feel that the competition should just be between Anya and Viktor, so bias takes hold. Laura is working on a pair of leggings, also stating that she’s trying to step out of the box a little.

Then Tim walks in and drops a bombshell – the designers have to create another look. They’re given another $300 and off they go!

Time is a huge factor with these second looks. Josh actually creates a very simple draped orange dress and jazzes it up with a feather. thing. on the shoulder. Viktor moves to another dress (we
actually don’t see a lot of this second look from Viktor), and poor Kimberly. she actually has to scrap her look because it doesn’t fit her model. Oh, and a hole was burned through it. So she pulls a three hour dress that resembles Viktors out of nowhere, but my LORD is it beautiful.

Anya creates a structured dress that has very defined lines, which is something that we don’t see from her at all. While the construction is perfect, she hasn’t thought about how her model will get INTO the dress. Laura creates a jacket to go with her pants with “feathers” all along the collar. Talk about taking the inspiration literally.

Tim then announces one other thing – the designers are only going to show one look. They get to chose which they want to walk the runway, so the designers take a big breather – they only have to worry about ONE look now. Did I mention that the winner of this challenge gets a spread in Marie Claire and $20,000? Yep. Joshua is ready to go, he WANTS that money.

On the runway, Joshua sends his orange drape dress, and Bert sends down his gray Barbie looking thing. Josh is the winner from this pair – the judges loved that he edited himself and say the draping is perfect. Bert’s is dated and drab. they all agree (Bert included) that this wasn’t the challenge for him.

Anya’s structured look beats out Laura’s skin tight leggings and feathered jacket. The judges say Laura’s design was too literal, and Anya’s construction was spot on. Cutting her model out of the garment is never mentioned.

Viktor and Kimberly were close, but the win eventually went to Kimberly’s 3 hour dress. and Viktor is a little bitter.

The overall winner of the challenge is Anya! Joshua is NOT pleased with this, and he does nothing to hide it. This is where Josh’s attitude comes back out and where I scream at my TV that he needs to GROW UP and talk to his fellow designers if he has issues with them. I have NO patience for Joshua.

Bert is sent home against Laura’s jacket. The judges say that while he’s a GREAT designer, this challenge just didn’t fit him and it was his turn to be “out”. I agree. Bert’s looks were good at times, but mostly appeared dated and nothing that a modern woman would wear.

We’re down to the final five! Who are your favorites this season on Project Runway??

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