PRIVATE PRACTICE “Breaking the Rules” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE Season 5 Episode 2 “Breaking the Rules”- Addison is back in the faceless shrinks office, so I guess that might be a theme to start Private Practice episodes off from now on. For some reason Meredith’s disembodied voice seems more natural. The only good thing to come out of these little Addy monologues is a pointed reminder of the glory days of Grey’s.

We are also treated yet again to a post sex scene with a sweaty shirtless Sam, which I think now is becoming less of an audience treat and more of a heavy handed reminder. They’re having SEX, ok, lots and lots of sweaty sex that is able to distract them from the fact that she’s trying to get pregnant with an ice pop to have a baby Sam will never raise.

And cue the adorable sickly child. The tiny leukemia patient under Cooper’s care is extra cute, but she needs a core blood transfusion to live. So, that crafty Coop, breaks into Charlotte’s computer (with the password Big Daddy that will never stop being creepy) to look through the private core blood donor bank. He finds a match, and tracks down the family, who’s son (and owner of the matching blood) is conveniently dead. They won’t give it to him, though in case their other son ever needs it, which, considering he has his own, seems a bit greedy. He takes the blood anyway, Charlotte gets super angry, the core blood family threatens to sue, but before you can get to worked up Charlotte smooths it over by introducing them to adorable cancer girl.

When Charlotte says she won’t cover for Cooper again, it left me torn. Charlotte is the angry tyrant who doesn’t want to save the children, and Cooper brings them popcorn and musicals. I want to be team Cooper,but Charlotte’s right, and all these doctors breaking rule after rule without consequence really sucks the believability out of the show, which is why I was glad to see Violet’s license yanked last season.

Pete, I’m happy to see has snapped out of his happy-high mode and will barely speak to Violet; unfortunately everyone is chalking it up to post-heart attack emotions. Which is likely, but can’t we even consider he might still be mad at Violet for leaving? Is that entire, relationship altering tirade forgotten? Private Practice, you’re dropping plot lines over here

We also find out that the man who wanted to give Addison a baby won’t be able to since she’s going to another baby doctor out of sheet embarrassment. It might be hard to avoid him though, since he’s joining the practice, after a hilarious string of interviews with less than pleasant doctors. The other candidates were a little stereotypical (the aging doc, the doctor only concerned about perks) but I think it was really believable since the practice is in so much trouble, it wouldn’t make sense for the best and the brightest to come knocking on their door. Which means Dr. Fling, who is the best and the brightest, probably does have some ulterior motives for dropping by. He did seem pretty adamant about impregnating Addison.

And in keeping with the “Breaking the Rules” theme, just after getting cleared to head back into the OR, Amelia falls off the wagon again. Even with the close up of the wine bottle, though I found it hard to get concerned about the young female doctor sipping wine in the dark. That’s the second most popular activity for the women on this show, the scene is near identical to more than half of the closing shots. The drunken bar dance of last weeks episode was better at hammering home the alcoholism.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Did Cooper do the right thing?