WHITNEY “Silent Treatment” Review

WHITNEY “Silent Treatment” Season 1 Episode 3 – Congratulations seem to be in order as Whitney was somehow picked up for an entire season this week. While I might take that as a sign that our society is crumbling around us, it seems like someone out there is enjoying this show, so let’s talk about tonight’s episode, “Silent Treatment.”

Whitney catches Alex checking out another woman at the smoothie bar. When he denies it (his first mistake), she blows the whole two-second look completely out of proportion, becoming the epitome of everything men love to hate about women.

To punish him for lying to her and for shushing her in the ensuing argument, Whitney decides to give her boyfriend the silent treatment. Rather than seeing it as a punishment, Alex recognizes what a blessed gift he’s been given. He can toss crap on the floor and veg on the couch and she won’t say a word about it! No more awkward role-playing or random, unfunny observations!

Of course, once Whitney realizes that Alex is enjoying the silence, she does a 180 and starts talking. And talking. And talking. And then talking some more. Finally, Alex breaks down, unable to take the chatter anymore and admits that he checked the girl out and then lied about it because he knows full well that women never really want to know when their boyfriends notice other women.

So far, the only thing I don’t like about Alex is that he’s dated Whitney for three years.

I didn’t laugh at all during the episode. Seriously. Not once. Trust me, it hurts to admit that; I love to laugh! I just don’t find anything funny about this show. And I’m trying, I swear! I have nothing against the cast; just the writing. It’s derivative and perpetuates cliches about both men and women.

There’s a lot of good shows on right now, but anyone who catches Whitney could easily make the assumption that the sit-com is on its last breath. Prove me wrong, show. You’ve got an entire season now.

What did you think of the episode? I know from the comments that there are some fans out there. Convince me that I’ve judged too quickly and too harshly.