THE OFFICE’s Ed Helms and Paul Lieberstein Talk Halloween Episode, Andy’s Reproductive Organs and Josh Groban

ed helms paul lieberstein the office
THE OFFICE returned this season for the first time sans Steve Carrell, who had sort of become the face of the half-hour comedy. Questions surrounding who would take over as the new office manager started swirling, and we soon discovered in the season 8 premiere that Carrell’s replacement was none other than Ed Helms aka Andy Bernard.

Even though there had been some concern over Carrell leaving, it seems that this new season of The Office has taken off with success.

And in order to talk about what we can expect in upcoming episodes of The Office, Ed Helms himself and Executive Producer and star Paul Lieberstein recently took part in a conference call to answer questions from reporters about the new season.

Here are a few things that they had to say:

On Andy and Erin

Ed Helms explained, “They’re a pretty odd pair, because they have very strong emotions but very poor communication, so they’re always been something.”

“But now with Andy’s new boss position,” he continued “there is a power dynamic that makes all that awkwardness even more powerful.” He even teased that things will get “tricky especially around Halloween.” Expect some tension between these two.

According to Helms, Erin is at a place where she can’t interpret why Andy is not giving her work and talking to her much. Oh and he also mentioned that her costume is “preposterous this year.”

Speaking of the Halloween episode, expect to see Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) in a lot different because he has flashbacks from 6 previous Halloweens, now that’s bound to be fun.

On Andy’s Reproductive Organs

Paul Liedberstein has confirmed that Andy will hurt another reproductive organ. Poor Andy!

On Josh Groban Guest Starring

For those of you who don’t know, Josh Groban has been cast as Andy’s brother and turns out it was all Mindy Kaling’s (aka Kelly Kapoor) idea to cast him.

But here’s the exciting thing about Groban’s appearance, it comes with us learning a lot about Andy, but turns out, not all of it is good.

Expect some rivalry between the two, but Helms teased that the “source of rivalry might not be what you expect.”

As for any similarities in the two brothers, Helms explained that you will be able to see aspects of Andy exaggerated in Groban’s character, but that’s he’s more naive and sweeter, so it will be interesting to see the two of them together.

I personally can’t wait to see it. Groban should be making his first appearance on the series around the end of October.

Favorite Quote

Finally, I’ll leave you with my favorite quote from the call:

“Andy is like a talented quarterback who’s been thrown on a team except no one has taught him how to throw a ball yet. And he’s distracted by the cheerleaders.”

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