THE LEAGUE “The Lockout” Review

THE LEAGUE “The Lockout” Season 3 Episode 1 – Let the Ruxin reign of terror begin! Between Ruxin’s Shiva Bowl Shuffle and Andre’s Sacko Bowl punishment, the boys seemed to be searching for entertaining ways to pass the time during the NFL lockout. Fortunately, the NFLPA and the owners hammered out a deal, and America’s favorite fictional fantasy football players have returned to the small screen.

While catching up with the gang at the bar, we run into Taco who continues my least favorite ongoing theme of the show: When The League inexplicably turns into The Jon Lajoie Show. I don’t mind Jon Lajoie, I am just against him bringing a sharp running comedy to a screeching halt by making sure that none of us forget that he is Jon Lajoie.

Aside from The Jon Lajoie Show, most of the season premiere was rather amusing. The Shiva Bowl Shuffle put on by Ruxin was particularly funny. Not sure how a Chicago-based lawyer recruited Maurice Jones-Drew to be in the video, but we’ll let that one slide because it was used for solid comedic effect.

Another thing to appreciate about The League is the chemistry that these characters have established onscreen. They play off of each other well, and are believable when they engage in their typical fantasy football back and forth. It’s not the best comedy you will ever watch, but the show seems to have hit its stride and delivers exactly what you would expect out of it. It is a fun way to spend 30 minutes.

What did you guys think of the season premiere of The League? How did you feel about the Sacko Bowl punishment or the Shiva Bowl Shuffle? Would you be able to get Maurice Jones-Drew to participate in your mindless videos that you made to insult your friends? Let’s hash it out in the comments section below, or on Twitter