SUPERNATURAL Thursdays – Let’s Talk About Season Seven


I understand that we are only two episodes into SUPERNATURAL‘S seventh season, but who’s with me when I say: HOLY CRAP! What is happening? What is going on? Why do the writers want to kill us in the best way possible?

Personally, I feel that these two episodes have been better than any from the sixth season (fighting words, I know), and are probably some of the best of the series. if you’ll allow me to say that. So even though we’ve only had two episodes, I thought it would be fun to put together an “OMG” moments list since there were SEVERAL of them.

WARNING: There are MAJOR spoilers for season seven ahead. Turn back now if you haven’t seen the episodes!

Cas as God

Cas God

I’m not sure about you guys, but does anyone else feel that Misha needs some sort of an award for the way he played Cas/God in “The New Boss”? Because I pretty much sat with my mouth hanging open in shock as I watched the episode (when I wasn’t tweeting about it) at his performance.

Not only did Cas/God make me wish that Castiel would come back, but he was a scary God! The scene when he smote (What’s the past tense of smite?) the angels and told them to “behave”. SCARED of that. I don’t want that Castiel walking around, thank you.

It was such a different moment for Supernatural, and one that just started off the season with a bang. I loved it.

Leviathans: 1, Castiel: 0


It makes sense as to why Castiel was all. off and why his vessel was splitting in two: Leviathans! Like Death explains, Leviathans were one of the first creatures that God created before Angels, man, etc. Without boring you with a mythology lesson (which I can totally do if you want me to – message me on twitter if you so desire), these things are like giant serpents and eat pretty much anything in their path.

Purgatory was created to contain them, and when Castiel took the souls OUT of Purgatory he also ingested the Leviathans. And now these creatures want control. Cut to “Hello, Cruel World” when Castiel has already dumped the souls, but the Leviathans have held on and taken over his vessel.

Well, it turns out that Jimmy Novak isn’t the best vessel to contain these creatures, so what happens? In a BOLD move, the writers have Castiel pretty much dissolve into the public water supply, leaving the audience with a lot of different reactions.

My first was to sob. My second was to scream “NO WAY IS THAT HIS EXIT!”. My third was to sob harder when Dean picked up Castiel’s trench coat when it washed up on shore. My fourth reaction was to comfort my sobbing BFF and reassure her that we did not get a wing shot, so therefore, Castiel is not dead.

Just kill us writers. It’ll be less painful.

Sam’s Seeing Things


Sam. Beautiful, broken, heartbreaking Sam is now seeing Lucifer everywhere he turns. Why? Because Castiel couldn’t put him back together because of the whole “I have all of these souls and some of them are horrible biblical beings” situation that he had going on.

Sam is suffering from major hallucinations, but doesn’t really know if everything that Lucifer is telling him is the truth or just his mind going crazy because his wall collapsed. All Sam is aware of is Lucifer sitting next to him explaining that everything that Sam is experiencing is actually just a deeper form of torture. Sam is still in hell, still in the cage, and Lucifer is pretty much just screwing with him.

This is where my inner fangirl comes out with a vengeance: STOP TORTURING SAM! The boy has been through enough and does NOT need Lucifer sitting in Bobby’s house taunting him with “this isn’t real.” and “it had to be horrible or else you wouldn’t believe it was your life..” and posing as DEAN to get under Sam’s skin.

The final straw came for me when Lucifer was telling Sam to turn the gun on himself – it was the only way to make everything end. I was stunned. I never expected the writers to go there with Sam (or Dean for that matter) and to see Sam actually contemplating suicide was too much for me!

Leviathans: 2, Bobby’s House: 0


So. What have we learned from Supernatural? Leviathan’s pretty much suck. And they suck HARDCORE and will kill anything and everything that you love to make you miserable.

I think I speak for the entire fandom when I say: NOT BOBBY’S HOUSE! You cannot take away the ONE home that these boys have had in their lives and just expect them to be okay. Not to mention all the books, the supplies, the weapons. all of it is gone.

By setting Bobby’s house up in flames, the writers cut off our boys form everything that they need to make their lives even a little easier – and you know what? As much as I hate it from a bleeding heart fangirl perspective, I absolutely ADORE it from a writer standpoint.

Brotherly Love Is Back!


From the “THIS is real.” to “Stay with me, Sam.” Sam and Dean are back and their relationship is FINALLY becoming the brotherly love that we’d gotten used to in the earlier seasons. Through their worst moments – Sam’s hallucinations, Bobby’s house – Sam and Dean still have each other and Dean is going to fight tooth and nail to see that it stays that way.

I’m not gonna lie – I cried, and I cried hard when Dean was talking to Sam about his hallucinations and bringing him back down to earth. When he grabbed his hand and pushed against those stitches (after I gagged out loud and threw up my hands to cover my eyes – I don’t handle stitches real well) and yelled at Sam that the pain was REAL, that HE was real. forget about it. I’m pretty sure I may have talked out loud
and welcomed Supernatural back to its roots.

However, can we fix Sam’s noggin now, please?


Like I said before. we’ve only had two episodes of the seventh season, but they have been the most intense episodes that I can fathom. I love the ride that the writers are taking us on, and I just hope and pray that this continues. I was leery of season seven and have been sufficiently schooled by the creators.

Well done, Supernatural. Well done and welcome back.

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