REVENGE “Betrayal” Review

REVENGE “Betrayal” Season 1 Episode 3 – The third episode of Revenge establishes that this is probably the most appealing network drama of the fairly unsuccessful fall. But it’s not just appealing: this is actually beginning to flesh out into a really solid, potentially very good, show. My questions concerning VanCamp’s ability to lead the show have been firmly put to rest, and the show has gone in the direction I hoped it would: it’s a nasty, shady show that does not pretend, nor does it want to be, a show about good people just trying to get through life.

Last week I mentioned that one aspect of the show I really liked was that Emily Thorne’s determination to wipe out her enemies causes some serious collateral damage. This week the show fully embraced its darker side as Emily says that she is not just satisfied with destroying a man’s career: but she wants to destroy his life. Now this is someone I can cheer on. I’m so sick and tired of good people on television. I want to see someone who revels in being an anti-hero.

The plot of the victim this week was pretty kick ass. The man responsible for putting Thorne’s father behind bars is seeking election as senator. Not only is Emily determined to derail his career: she wants to destroy his life. She bought the entire building where his pregnant mistress lived in order to install cameras. Then she uses the footage as blackmail to get him to step down – and then she releases it to the press to destroy his life. Bravo!

Of course the really juicy stuff is the fact that Emily may be wrong – through the use of flashbacks, the writers are able to provide new information and facets of the case which Emily simply does not have access to. This provides some extra layers of gray.

The subplot involving Jack and Declan was fine, but it’s taking longer to really get going and at the moment Jack is as bland as his name suggests. Declan has been given a few good plotlines and his relationship with Charlotte and how he gets there is a lot more interesting than the dead father plot.

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