PERSON OF INTEREST “Mission Creep” Review

PERSON OF INTEREST “Mission Creep”, Season 1 Episode 3 – My favorite new action/drama show is back this week with “Mission Creep”. Person of Interest got right to the action this week when our “Person of the week”, war veteran Joey, robbed a bank while Reese was tailing him. Finch urged Reese to just gift wrap him for the NYPD and get it over with, but Reese knew that he used to be a good soldier and wanted to see why his number came up.

There’s a lot of fun back and forth and bickering between Finch and Reese on this show. When you basically only have two characters, it’s important that they gel, and they really do on this show. I loved seeing Finch doing push-ups when Reese called him, and Reese bringing him a copy of the classifieds was cute. You see, I reviewed Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior last season for Daemon’s TV, and one of the biggest reasons I didn’t like it that much was the complete lack of chemistry between the team members. There was 5 or 6 main characters on that squad, and none of them showed any kind of personality of camaraderie. There are two people in this show, and I already like them more as characters after two episodes than I liked any of the Suspect Behavior team after 13 episodes.

There is one character on this show that I do not like, and that’s Taraji P. Henson’s Detective Carter. I just don’t get her. First of all, why is she so resolute in finding Reese? I sincerely don’t understand it. Has he done something illegal? Has he hurt anybody that didn’t deserve it? All she knows is that he beat up a bunch of gang members that were attacking him on a train, and that he saved a long lost daughter from certain death and reunited her with her family. I’m not sure why she feels the need to bring him to justice, and why she seems so offended by Reese’s altruistic behavior.

I’m sure what the game plan is here, either. If she finally catches Reese, or she finds him out, then what? She’s obviously not going to put him in jail, as that would make this show pretty boring, but I’m not sure what her role will become when and if we reach that point.

Anyway, the rest of the episode was absolutely awesome. I loved Reese becoming a part of this gang, and having to disconnect himself from Finch’s handy little ear bud actually caused Finch to show up at the crime scene. It took a lot of guts for Finch to willingly go to a vault where he knew that a crime would be taking place. It’s fun to see Finch typing away on his computer on the other side of Reese’s ear piece, but it’s cool for him to actually get involved in some of these cases.

We actually seem to have an overarching case this week, as the identity of M. Elias was kept secret for now. I like the idea of more continuity, so I’m excited to see where this goes!

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Random Thoughts:

– I was surprised how solid of a push up Michael Emerson can do. He wasn’t doing them girly-style or anything!

– The heist here reminded me of The Town. A bunch of buddies all go to rob banks together, and the jobs are organized by a seemingly inconsequential business owner.

– I feel like the flashback noise that they make when they’re cutting to Reese’s scenes with his ex-girlfriend sound exactly like the flashback noise from LOST. Maybe Michael Emerson only wants to act in TV shows with a loud whooshing noise involved.