MODERN FAMILY “Door to Door” Review

MODERN FAMILY “Door to Door” Season 3, Episode 4 – There are moments when I watch Modern Family and think that Claire deserves some sort of trophy for only having a minor melt down every time her family flakes. Granted, Phil and the kids have a way of coming through in a big way at the last minute, but given her family’s track record of telling her they’ll do something and then not doing that one thing until she flips out would probably make me go insane.

In her mission to have a stop sign installed at a dangerous intersection, Claire tries to collect signatures and ends up at a city meeting to present her proposal. David Cross was hilarious as a pampered councilman who couldn’t be bothered with Claire’s request because he was blinded by his rage after not receiving an ice cream cake on his birthday. I’m sure on some level we can all relate to his disappointment.

After I had gushed about Stella last week, I practically had a panic attack when Gloria picked up that pooch and scooted her out the front door on this week’s Modern Family. Luckily Stella was reclaimed before any hearts were broken, but honestly, I might be willing to watch another lost dog scene if it means Cam is going to repeat his Stanley Kowalski act and scream “Stella!!!” at the top of his lungs again. After Cam proclaimed that he finally saw himself in the role he was born to play, the Streetcar Named Desire gags just kept getting more funny. Each one of his ridiculous shouts made me laugh harder and when he finally ran into Blanche, a little girl holding Stella for ransom, I totally lost it.

As soon as Mitchell brought up Cam’s disorganized note keeping, followed by a messy kitchen, it was obvious that the home visit would happen while the house was a disaster. It was still funny to watch Mitchell make a mess while Cam whined about cleaning so I didn’t mind that bit about the adoption home visit being totally predictable.

Luke and Phil have been pretty heavy on the father-son bonding in recent episodes. Although they focused more on the two of them trying to make a viral video, my favorite example of their bonding was when the two of them picked up delivery pizza at the front door without any pants on and skid around in their socks to get back to the living room.

Jay and Manny’s own father-son bonding plot line was cute and Jay’s comment at the end about being an older dad who wanted to be able to set Manny up with a back up plan was really heartwarming. I love how much Jay and Manny’s relationship has blossomed since the first season of Modern Family. Without changing the person that Manny was at his core, you can see Jay’s influence on him. In the same way, Jay has become just a little softer and more patient than he once seemed when trying to understand Manny’s eccentric personality.

As usual, all of the Modern Family story lines had me cracking up this week and with each new episode I grow more fond of every one of these characters.