LAW AND ORDER: SVU “Blood Brothers” Review

LAW AND ORDER: SVU “Blood Brothers” Season 13 Episode 3 – A pregnant, Catholic school girl starts off “Blood Brothers,” this week’s episode of Law and Order: SVU. I usually spend the first few minutes of any SVU episode trying to figure out from which real-life crime the story was ripped. I was pretty sure I had this one pegged (thirteen year old girl gets pregnant by her even-younger schoolmate), but the show zigged (a little) where I thought it would zag.

Little Ella just wants to be a princess, so when Arturo, her friend from school, invited her to a party at the house of his mother’s former employer, a wealthy ambassador (Kyle MacLachlan), she was more than happy to go along. There, the ambassador’s son, Trip, plied her with spiked lemonade and proved that he really was the overachiever his parents believed him to be: a rapist at only thirteen.

But like most Park Avenue children, Trip believes that money can make people and problems disappear, but when he tries to get Ella to abort the baby and she refuses, he calls on his old friend Arturo to help convince her. But Arturo is hiding a secret, something he was never supposed to know. He and Trip are half-brothers, as Arturo is the product of the ambassador’s affair with his housekeeper. A product he tried to make go away with money, just like how Trip treated Ella. Resentful, angry, hurt and desperate for his father’s recognition and love, Arturo winds up killing Trip in the park.

So, it turned out that the case was based more on a certain former California governor’s recently disclosed personal life, with a few added elements, obviously.

The new detectives continue to settle in, at least as much as Olivia will let them. Her Elliott-wounds are still raw and Casey doesn’t help matters by accusing her of having lost some of her compassion. She turns right around and blasts Casey and the entire DA’s office for having lost their balls when they refuse to prosecute Trip for Ella’s rape. Both women are right about each other, but I hope we’re not in for a season of strife between law and order.

We learn a little more about Nick Amaro (he’s a devout Catholic and grandmothers love him), but nothing more than we could have guessed on our own. He’s also pretty good at his job, something that even Olivia has to grudgingly admit. What we don’t get is a lot of Amanda Rollins. Her scenes are few and far between and reveal nothing new.

It’s a pretty standard episode of SVU, although I did like the unexpected elements, like Trip’s mother not being totally obnoxious and utterly clueless. That’s why I keep tuning in; they always manage to surprise me just a bit.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you agree with Munch or Olivia about the sex offender’s registry? Were you not really all that upset when Trip ended up dead? Let me know below!