GREY’S ANATOMY “What Is It About Men” Review

GREY’S ANATOMY “What is it About Men” Season 8 Episode 4 – Tonight was the manly man episode “What Is It About Men” of Grey’s Anatomy with the major plot lines focusing on the menfolk of Seattle Grace only. We get a glimpse of Christina, a bit a Bailey, and quiet a lot of Kepner just so we know there hasn’t been some kind of outbreak on the West coast that kills off all the ladies (or at least all the lady doctors).

Right off the bat we’re hit over the head with the testosterone that will come to overwhelm the episode. A stampede at a comic convention have left the docs with a lot of banged up nerds. Mainly manly (or at least, male) nerds.

One poor guy who lost his ear, but was more concerned about his Tardis was not meant to get our sympathy. That was reserved for the injured hobbit who gets a fantasy fueled crush on Kepner who apparently looks like some kind of middle earth damsel. Love struck patients are always the best.

We also get a lot of shots of Owen cheifing. Owen is surrounded by paper work eating a sandwich and he’d rather be in surgery. Owen is at his desk drinking surrounded by paperwork and he’d rather be in surgery. They basically took the sad Chief Shepherd shots and stuck him in. Why does anyone want to be chief?

To again hammer home (pun completely intended) we are in the midst of a manly episode, all then men get together to help build Derek’s deck, which is good, because the last time any of them were outside for an extended period of time was to convince drunk Derek to come back to work. These doctors are not getting enough fresh air. The dream house looks pretty damn good, but I just can’t buy all the manly bonding. It makes sense he’d tell Owen to come on over, to share tales of the burden of the chief’s tie and swap crazy wife stories, but why would he invite Bailey’s ex, who’s randomly back just to glare at her and her sexy murse? And maybe he would extend on invite to Avery, who he seems to be trying to steal from Sloans’ service, but would Avery really think its cool to invite Alex, the guy who turned in Derek’s wife, which led him losing his FDA clearance and baby?

The night had two high points. First, there was Owen’s KO of a violent patient. The way he just walked in, surveyed the small army of medical personal trying to restrain the guy, and punched him in the jaw was a perfect display of army-toughness. It was tarnished a little bit with the long, repetitive classic Grey’s speech he gives to his victim to explain why he’s not apologizing. He’s a man of action, not diatribes.

The other great moment belongs to Sloan for not letting his anger cloud his loyalties. His switch from chewing out Derek for poaching Avery, to berating Avery for using (his boy) Derek really frames their friendship well; Sloan will always feel like he’s playing second fiddle but ultimately he’ll always consider Derek his best friend. The lost baby moment really worked too. When you put an immobile baby on a couch, you expect them to stay there! It was cute to see him have so much fatherly concern.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will you be glad for the women to be back next week?