FREE AGENTS “Rebranding” Review

FREE AGENTS “Rebranding” Season 1, Episode 4 – I recently re-watched the Free Agents pilot episode just to make sure I wasn’t kidding myself the first time I had watched it. I was pretty excited about the potential Free Agents had to become one of my new weekly favorites and after a second watch, I still think the pilot was great. Unfortunately the episodes that have followed have failed to deliver that charm and I feel like I’m stuck watching the same cycle repeat itself over and over again.

I got my hopes up with the introduction of Dawn, a cute divorcee that Alex met after his co-workers set up a dating profile online for him. When Alex hung up on Helen while he was on his date, I thought that finally we were going to see something different. Of course, right at the point where things could have become interesting with Dawn, she dissolved into a throw away character that wouldn’t change a thing about the way Helen and Alex interacted. Initially, Dawn seemed like a character that might bring some new conflict to the usual plot pattern and lead us into a little bit of character development, but that was not the case.

Helen has been seeming more mean spirited than she was initially and it’s harder for me to remember what it is exactly that Alex sees in her as a romantic interest. At the same time, Alex is sweet and has a cute sense of humor, but he’s just so dull.

As usual, while the people in the office treat Alex like a loser and take jabs at his masculinity, he makes efforts to try and date Helen. Helen denies interest and deflects him only to have the two end up together at the end. There’s nothing romantic or even dramatic about the whole process and it would be fine if they were dead on funny, but the vast majority of the punchlines fall completely flat for me.

Only four episodes into Free Agents and I already feel like I’m stuck in a rut with this story. Maybe the repetitiveness is intentional and variations of this same story will repeat over and over again until the end of the season, but I’ve already lost interest and they’re going to need to introduce some new conflict to draw me back into the lives of these characters.