CRIMINAL MINDS “Dorado Falls” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS “Dorado Falls” Season 7 Episode 3 – A mass murder in the offices of a new internet security company brings to team all the way to…well, actually, the massacre takes place in Charlottesville, VA, right in the backyard of the BAU. Meanwhile, Prentiss has to undergo recertification training and Morgan is her training officer. Pretty soon, the BAU figure out that the unsub is a Navy Seal suffering from Capgras syndrome named Dolan.

Dolan has quite a busy day in this episode: not only does he commit office massacre, he commits a couple of more murders (including his commanding officer and his parents), kidnaps said commanding officer, infiltrates the FBI building in order to get to his wife and daughter. All in a day’s work, no?

Okay, right off the bat I’ll say that this episode was much better than last week’s perverse ordeal. In fact, it was actually a good episode. My only issue with the episode is that I would have liked to have seen more character development, more interaction between the characters.

Criminal Minds is a show with a bunch of good characters and I just wish we could see more of them. That being said, there were still some nice moments with them: JJ managed to weasel a file from an intelligence agent; Morgan and Prentis continued rekindling their friendship after that whole “I died in your arms but really I faked it and chilled in Paris for seven months while you went crazy with grief” subplot; Rossi got a chance to shine as he managed to negotiate a peaceful resolution.

The case itself was interesting – I’d never heard of Capgras syndrome before and it’s a great deal more interesting than the soldier going into a murderous rampage with PTSD. And the twists were unexpected and, maybe because she imitated Bacall, the use of Garcia in this episode was not as aggravating as it usually is.

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