COMMUNITY “Competitive Ecology” Review

COMMUNITY “Competitive Ecology” Season 3 Episode 3 – What did happen to LEGOs?! They did used to be so simple! Community asked a lot of good questions, showcased a lot of great performances, and thankfully had a lot of laughs!

We got to see Michael K. Williams return after his strange absence last week, and he split our group up by assigning them to other lab partners. Our group asked Professor Kane if they could reassign the partners and pick from each other, and Kane agreed.

However, for the first time in Community history, the majority of the laughs this week came from outside the main group. For the first time I can remember, I absolutely loved Chang’s story. The noir detective story was hilarious, and his inner monologue was great all episode. Even better was when the dean’s inner monologue started to go at the same time as Chang’s. I need more funny Chang storylines like a fish needs a bicycle, a lot.

The other largest source of laughter for me this week was Todd. I literally laughed every time he opened his mouth. His turtle, his newborn, and everything else he kept bringing up was great. One of my favorite characters on Parks and Recreation (Please watch that show!) is Jerry, because he’s such a great person in real life but everybody is such a huge jerk to him that you would never know. There’s something oddly satisfying about the sad sack character in shows like this, and Todd was no different. I really hope we see Todd more in the future. Just hopefully without seeing his stupid baby. Stupid Todd and his stupid hair and his stupid baby.

This was by far the best episode so far for this short season, and I hope that the episodes continue to improve from here on out.

Random Thoughts:

– I love that Magnitude (Pop pop!) is played by the guy who played Lee Jordan in the Harry Potter films.

– Did anybody else get the feeling that they were doing a send up of the video game “LA Noire”, or was that just my imagination? When Chang inspected the matchbox, it reminded me so vividly of that game.

– Has anybody else ever filled out a Scantron in order to resemble a body part? Uh…yeah, me neither.