AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Zuiker” Cycle 17 Episode 4 – The episode starts off with actual drama – no, not America’s Next Top Model fabricated drama, but real drama. Kayla has a minor heart attack and we get to see some of the cameramen and producers run into the shot to take care of her. An ambulance arrives to take her away. She’s fine and returns for the rest of the episode. I was really impressed that Tyra did not make a big fuss over the ordeal at judging; she didn’t even bring it up and given her propensity for drama and confession and the potential for tears in this situation, I can only tip my hat.

The challenge this week was a guest spot on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ad creator of the franchise, Anthony Zuiker, guests as the judge of the week. The girls have to recite some lines and while most of them screw it up in a shockingly unfunny sequence, Angelie and Bree are the top two, the latter taking home the prize so if you’re watching CSI and wondering who the hell that model in the autopsy room is, you can thank Tyra.

The photo shoot involves three male models and again this provided surprisingly few laughs or entertainment. Usually when male models come into the mix the girls are either fawning over them or bitching about the girls fawning over them, but there was disappointingly little of that in what seemed to be a reasonably professional photo shoot.

After judging the photos and criticizing Lisa for making up excuses, Alexandra for looking old and praising Allison for her awkwardness, the safe contestants are called out.

First up is Angelie. Runner up goes to Dominique while last week’s winner Allison gets third place. In the bottom two are the excuse monsters Camille and Lisa. Lisa, predictably, is the one who stays. Given the fact that I genuinely had no idea who Camille was, this is definitely not a surprise.

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