AMERICAN HORROR STORY (FX) Pilot Episode 1 (6)

AMERICAN HORROR STORY Episode 1 – Huh. That’s pretty much what I have to say about the premiere of FX’s AMERICAN HORROR STORY. It was good, but it left me sort of perplexed. It also left me wanting more scares and less sex.

The premise of American Horror Story is this: family from Boston moves across the country to Los Angeles to start their life over. The Harmon family moves into a beautiful Victorian home, and are told by their real estate agent that the previous owners had both died in the house previously. For some reason this doesn’t bother the Harmon family, in fact daughter Violet seems intrigued and pronounces “We’ll take it!”

The Harmon’s have a dark past – Ben (Dylan McDermott) was caught cheating on his wife Vivien (Connie Britton) , and this in addition to a miscarriage sent the couple into a spiral which spawned the move across the country.

Now, as the audience we know something is very off about the Harmon’s new house. At the start of American Horror Story we are shown the house in the 1970s, and a little girl grimly warns two bullies “You’re going to die in there.” as they venture into the house to break windows and anything else that they can find inside.

This is where FX really took a bold move. *Spoiler Alert From This Point Forward*

The kids do end up dying and their deaths are actually shown on camera; not just alluded to like is the norm in the horror genre. Their death scene was jump worthy, but unfortunately, this was the only part of the pilot episode that even made me a little tense.

Once the Harmon’s move into the house they are visited by neighbor Constance (Jessica Lange) and her daughter Adelaide (the young girl from the beginning of the episode). Constance is. well, off. She seems to have no filter and talks ALL the freaking time, and is pretty much just plain off her rocker. BUT Jessica Lange is fantastic as the crazy neighbor. She was probably the best part of American Horror

Then things really start to get strange. Moira, the previous housekeeper, just randomly shows up. To Vivien she’s an older woman but to Ben she appears as a GORGEOUS young red head. Vivien hires her much to Ben’s surprise, and then at this point, American Horror Story turned into more sex than horror.

There’s a bondage suit in the attic that Ben tosses. however it doesn’t stay gone for long. And this is where I get really confused: Did Vivien really think the guy in the suit was her husband? If so, what the HELL was that ending with her hugging Ben, but bondage guy behind the kitchen door?

Why is Ben seeing Moira as a bombshell, and how do she and Constance know each other? How does Adelaide play into all of this? What was the deal with Ben’s patient suddenly befriending his daughter? WHAT the HELL is going on?

I didn’t hate American Horror Story. I thought it was well made, the casting was great, and FX took some risks that you do not see on television. It was great enough for me to still be intrigued by it the day after, and also for me to want more answers NOW.

What did you think of American Horror Story? Was it what you expected? Let’s talk in comments below!

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