UP ALL NIGHT “New Car” Review

UP ALL NIGHT “New Car” Season 1 Episode 4 – Congratulations to Up All Night for getting picked up for a whole season. With this week’s episode, “New Car,” I’m starting to see why it seems to have survived.

Not that there was anything necessarily ground-breaking in the plot. New parent realizes they can’t keep their pre-baby car and need to get a practical, family vehicle. But in this show, it’s Regan the mother, not Chris the father, who is trying to hold on to her BMW convertible. To be fair, it’s a pretty sweet ride. But it’s definitely not baby friendly.

After a few bottles of wine and some misguided Ebay bidding, Regan and Chris become the proud owners of a Native American spirit guide’s van which they quickly trade in for a standard, suburbanite SUV. After a few tweaks (a tape deck here, some painted stripes there), they have a family car they can both be proud to drive.

Meanwhile, after being named on a list of famous people who dropped out of college, Ava decides her show needs some gravitas, which to her means arranging a Jon Stewart-esque interview with an economist who wrote a very dry book about the recession. Unfortunately, this requires that Ava actually reads the book first. Well, forget that; Vegas calls! It takes a cram session with Chris to get Ava through the interview, in which, thanks to her Oprah skills, she gets the economist to admit he was sexually abused as a child. Ava, I love you.

All right, so I was pretty harsh on Will Arnett last week, mostly because I never watched Arrested Development. But I think I’ve figured out why he’s not clicking for me. He’s sandwiched in between these two amazing actresses (Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph) and he’s getting a little bit lost.

But I will say this for Chris: I believe that he and Regan are a couple. They have a natural flow that makes you believe they’ve been together for years. And that baby is just too, too adorable.

So, Up All Night will be with us for the rest of the season, plenty of time for them to figure out that some of their background characters (such as Ava’s assistant) are brilliant enough to get a lot more airtime.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you refrain from drinking and Ebaying? Can you believe that NBC picked up Whitney, too? Let me know below!