THE NEW GIRL “Wedding” Review

THE NEW GIRL “Wedding” Season 1 Episode 3 – It’s official: The New Girl is here to stay, posting a brilliant 4.5 in the key demo and giving FOX enough confidence to order a 24 – episode season. The Zooey Deschanel show may have charmed the socks off the executives, but how is the show doing, entertainment wise?

It’s quite clearly still in development stages. The cast has yet to gel – the roommates still have that weird overly polite ‘getting to know you’ vibe going on, even among the guys, so I’m hoping that within a few weeks they’ll settle into a routine where their banter will feel a little easier. But the show, so far, is little more than large potential. Luckily, while it gets its gears in check with regards to story kinks and auxiliary characters, the show has Zooey Deschanel and all her boundless charm to support it.

This week the story got out of the apartment and to a wedding, where the lads had a friend getting married. Winston was determined to be the bestest usher ever; Nick needed Jess to pose as his girlfriend so he won’t look so pathetic in front of his ex; Schmidt tries to avoid his wedding fuckbuddy Gretchen whilst simultaneously trying to nab an old college crush (“She used to get drunk and pass out on our porch. It was like having a hot alcoholic cat.”)

There are several reasons I like this show: one is no laugh track. Now, I’m not a laugh track snob. I think they can work sometimes (would 2 Broke Girls have been a superior show as a single camera? Maybe. But it would have drastically changed Kat Dennings’ performance) but I really do appreciate the writers just letting the laugh-track go. The plot in this episode juggled all of the storylines nicely, giving Zooey Deschanel an opportunity to show off her physical acting, developing the guys into characters whose names’ I actually bothered to learn, getting a few good one-liners and jokes in without losing the mood that can so often be sacrificed.

My only problem would be the forced relationship between Jess and Nick. I mean, I get why on paper this would look awesome. But on, these two have zero chemistry. It’s kinda funny just how little chemistry these two have, ’cause like Archie Panjabi, I sort of thought Zooey Deschanel was the kind of actress who could have chemistry with cauliflower, but boy was I totally misguided.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this episode. This is a show that could be really really really good, given a few weeks to breathe and sort out its own shit. I’m excited for it.

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