SONS OF ANARCHY “Brick” Review

Sons of Anarchy

SONS OF ANARCHY “Brick” Season 4 Episode 5 – This episode could just as easily have been called ‘Lies’ because it absolutely packed with them. That’s no exaggeration either – everyone is lying to everyone else. Rather than just summarise the episode, I’m going to lay out the various lies for us to ponder over and discuss in the comments.

The letters: Piney confronted Clay about the contents of John’s letters, which not only told Clay and Gemma that Tara hadn’t kept her mouth shut, but made Clay state outright that he had killed John Teller. (Tell me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall that ever being stated so overtly before now.) Clay’s understandably pissed, but Piney warns him not to try and take him out because he has a contingency plan in place. Gemma warns Clay not to hurt Piney or Tara; she’ll find the letters.

Both of them go to Unser individually and ask for his help finding the letters. He finds the copies Tara made and attempts to burn them, but Clay finds them and reads some of the contents. Later, Gemma turns up and finds them burnt. She gives the remains to Clay, telling him that they contained only hurtful things, nothing huge though. Clay pretends to believe her.

To summarise: Clay and Gemma are lying to each other, Unser is lying to both of them, and Tara has no idea Unser broke into her file drawer, nor (presumably) that Piney told Clay about the contents of the letters. And all of them are lying to Jax, who has no idea about any of it.

Linc, Sheriff Roosevelt and Juice: Sheriff Roosevelt doesn’t want people to know he helped Linc play the race card against Juice, being black and all. Linc assures him it will be stricken from the record – which is a lie. Roosevelt then tells Juice that he has a choice – SAMCRO can find out his father is black (and deal with the consequences of that revelation) or he can steal a couple grams of coke from the shipment (to be traced back to the source).

Juice opts for the latter option and goes into the warehouse, observed by Phil. When Phil comes to check what’s going on, Juice grabs a brick, hides it and leaves, observed by both Phil and a Mayan. He falls asleep outside and wakes just as everyone arrives to hand over the shipment to the Mayans.

The episode ends with SAMCRO and the Mayans wondering what happened to the missing brick. If Juice tells them, he has to explain the situation with Roosevelt – and out himself as part black. If he doesn’t, will Phil and the Mayan tell everyone that he was there?

Opie and Lyla: Opie’s eager to have a child with Lyla and thought that they were actively trying to do so. But during a visit to the porn studio, Opie found Lyla’s contraceptive pills. Though upset, he doesn’t confront her. Instead he takes another of the porn stars back to the clubhouse apartment for the night. When Jax asks him why he did it, he admits that he still misses Donna.

Is Lyla secretly taking the contraceptives because she doesn’t want more kids, or because she doesn’t want to interfere with her career? Will Opie tell her about his one night stand?

Otto and Luann: After Linc’s visit last week, Otto wants answers. Gemma visits him in prison and he tells her that he wants to know who killed Luann – and he wants them dead. The club suspects former porn producer Georgie Caruso, and they lure him to the studio with the intention of killing him. But when Georgie tells them that his new career in sex doll sales is big with Japanese investors, Clay comes up with a plan that may stop the Charming Heights project once and for all, and they let Georgie live.

Bobby visits Otto in prison and tell him that his relationship with Luann meant nothing — and that Georgie was killed to avenge her murder.

With all the internal lies in SAMCRO, it’s a wonder the club still manages to function. Worse still is Linc Potter’s involvement with all of this. If trouble flares up because of the missing brick, it will be because of Linc indirectly blackmailing Juice, and if Linc suspects – or comes to know about – Georgie’s involvement in Luann’s death, he could easily tell Otto the truth, upsetting the club even further. And SAMCRO doesn’t even know he exists, never mind that he’s an assistant US attorney.

This was a really enjoyable episode, but I can’t help worrying about the upcoming episodes. All these lies are easy to remember so far, but will things get confusing later on? Either way, it’s juicy, entertaining stuff. The surprise of the episode for me was the casting of David Hasselhoff as Dondo. I’m not big on reading Sons of Anarchy news – I like to be surprised – but I can’t believe I missed this entirely! Even more surprising was that it really, really worked. But then an ex-porn-star-turned-producer with a massive dick really does sound like the perfect role for The Hoff, doesn’t it? Kudos, Sutter, kudos.

What did you think of ‘Brick’? Let us know your thoughts, theories and speculation in the comments below!