RINGER “It’s Gonna Kill Me, But I’ll Do It” Review

RINGER "It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It" Episode 4 (2)

RINGER “It’s Gonna Kill Me, But I’ll Do It” Season 1 Episode 4 – Well, gotta hand it to those writers over at RINGER, this episode was anything BUT slow! Hell, we even had a huge plot point spilled to one of the main players in the series and we’re only four episodes in!

So what happened this week in “It’s Gonna Kill Me, But I’ll Do It”? Well, it’s the twin’s birthday and Bridget obviously has to celebrate as Siobhan in order to keep up her rouse. We are treated to a flashback of the girls as children (played by some kids that looked NOTHING like Sarah Michelle Gellar, but I digress) and we find out that on their birthday all those years ago the twins set out to buy matching necklaces, but could only afford one. What do they decide to do? Buy one and gift it to each other every year on their birthday. It was this necklace that started up communication between Siobhan and Bridget after five years of not speaking.

Bridget is doing okay with her birthday that is until Henry creepily pops out of the darkness and confesses his love for her. We also learn that Andrew ditching Siobhan on her last birthday is what started the affair with Henry in the first place. Needless to say Bridget/Siobhan is less than thrilled and the two exchange words about the affair being over, etc, etc, etc. It a long drawn out scene and Henry needs to stop being a creepy stalker. Which, it turns out, will be easier than we all think. There was an eavesdropper on Bridget and Henry’s conversation and things are about to GO DOWN.

Meanwhile, in Paris, Siobhan is struggling to pay her hotel bill and somehow manages to get Tyler (yep, the guy that she quite literally pushed out of her bed) to pay for it on his business account. While Tyler is showering, Siobhan steals a folder on Andrew from Tyler’s papers. and makes a cryptic phone call that everything is “back on track”.

Back in New York, Victor has found Bridget’s duffel bag and starts to think that Siobhan knows where Bridget is. He then confronts Gemma, but since Gemma has no idea that Siobhan even HAS a sister, she turns out to be a dead end. Victor also manages to get into Bridget/Siobhan’s house in the Hamptons (apparently this detective has never heard of a search warrant) and confront Bridget with the recording of her on the boat calling for help after Siobhan’s swan dive into the river. HOWEVER, it turns out that he believes it to be Siobhan calling for help for BRIDGET, not the other way around.

Victor leaves after talking to Siobhan/Bridget and then Bridget runs into Gemma. Well, actually – Gemma’s hand runs into Bridget’s face. She overheard the entire conversation between Bridget and Henry and threatens to tell Andrew about the affair.

At this point Bridget REALLY surprises everyone and spills the truth about being Siobhan’s twin, NOT Siobhan herself. My reaction as Gemma would be that this crazy twin sister actually killed my best friend, but Gemma doesn’t seem to think this and just goes with the new information.

CRAZY episode of Ringer, but such an improvement from last week. I’m interested to see where the writers are going with this Gemma/Bridget storyline. Bridget needed an ally in this whole thing, and who better than her sister’s best friend?

What did you think of Ringer?

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