RAISING HOPE “Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent, Baby! Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent!” Review

Raising Hope “Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent, Baby! Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent!”, Season 2 Episode 4 – Man, it feels just like yesterday I was writing a review for Raising Hope! Oh wait…it was yesterday. Well for some reason we got two episodes in one week, so here we go with episode two. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to write much for my Raising Hope review tonight, because writing out the freaking title of this episode really tuckered me out. I’ll do my best, though, so here we go!

It seems a little early in Raising Hope‘s life to do a “trip” episode, but here we are with (Deep Breath) “Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent, Baby! Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent!” It was a fun episode that had a lot of great call-backs to previous episodes, but some of the mechanics plot points felt a bit tired.

We’ll start with the good, though. I really loved Burt and Jimmy scrounging for tips, and cracked up at Jimmy cleaning the glass on the slot machine. Other highlights also included Jimmy massaging the guy playing the poker and Burt stealing the garnish tray.

Not so successful, though, was seeing the same stuff we saw last season. Having Virginia’s cousin back was fun, but we’ve already seen them competing so much on previous episodes. This episode really didn’t do much to switch it up.

Also, I’m getting a bit sick of Jimmy and Sabrina. I think it’s a bit unbelievable at this point that Sabrina can’t see how much Jimmy likes her, and I’m tired of Jimmy trying to put himself in a position where Sabrina is going to be slutty or reckless around him. We saw the same kind of gig last year on the Halloween episode, but it didn’t pan out as well here. Seeing them slow dance was cute, but again, how can Sabrina be so blind to Jimmy’s feelings?!

Burt and Virginia’s marriage continues to be one of the sweetest ones on television. I really do enjoy seeing them realize how much they love each other every week, even though it can definitely come off as a bit saccharine at times.

I think the good slightly outweighed the feeling of been there, done that in this episode. Even the stuff that we’ve seen before was effective the second or third time around, so it didn’t come off as too offensive. This was another solid episode of a consistently funny show, but I definitely think that one a week is plenty.

Random Thoughts:

– A Michael Jackson lookalike showing up is just going to rub people the wrong way. First the 9/11 joke in the premiere, and now this?

– Was this the first episode ever with no Maw Maw?

– The slow dance scene at the end reminded me of the slow dance chicken dance in New Girl last night. Is anybody else watching that show?