NCIS “The Penelope Papers” Review

NCIS (CBS) The Penelope Papers

NCIS “The Penelope Papers” Season 9 Episode 3 – After 9 seasons of NCIS, we’ve seen our fair share of family members troop in to join the team, usually cause a bit of trouble while their at it. But whereas some of these visits have been less than fun – Tony’s visits by his father were awkward and sometimes frustrating (at least for me), Ziva’s visits by her father were nothing but tense – this visit by McGee’s grandmother was exciting, interesting and dramatic.

The writers of this show are really striking the right chord with me so far this season. I feel like we’ve got a team dynamic that is working again, while still getting individual stories about each character here and there. Last week we learned a wee bit more about Tony and how all his stories about being the big man on campus may not have been true. So it made perfect sense to learn more about McGee in this episode and find out that his dad wasn’t exactly going to win any Father of the Year awards either.

Now that McGee has called his father, I hope we get to meet the man someday. In the meantime I was extremely happy to meet his grandmother. Lily Tomlin did a fantastic job, as did Sean Murray in this one and I wouldn’t mind in the least if Penny graced our screens once again.

My favorite bits..

Everyone talking about their dads and birthdays. I thought Tony’s dad was bad but McGee’s story was pretty horrible. Poor little McGee.

Okay for once, I’m with Ziva. Tony describing Gibbs’ balls that way was..uncomfortable to say the least.

Palmer once again going off on his own little tangent.

Gibbs calming McGee down from his all-out panic about the victim having one of his old business cards.

“Discover what she wants.”
“I have no idea what that is.”
“Welcome to the rest of your life, Jimboy.” – Haha! Gibbs slapping Jimmy in the back as he delivered that line was perfect.

The way Gibbs just nodded his head to send Tony running after McGee.

Of course I already knew she was going to be on the show but still..yay for Lily Tomlin!

The smiles that Tony kept flashing Penny. It looked like he was getting the biggest kick out of meeting Tim’s grandmother.

“Ghengis Khan couldn’t handle Gibbs.” – yeah, that’s probably true and if anyone would know, it would be Tony.

McGee begging Penny not to say ‘pillow talk’ and getting ‘post-coital embraces’ out of her instead. Oh boy, I bet he was sorry he ever asked.

McGee doing that flying tackle to save Penny from the car. Yay for some Hero!McGee.

Gibbs telling McGee to make Penny talk, or he will. Yikes.

Yay! Tony called himself “Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.” We haven’t heard that in a while.

Penny trying to flirt up Gibbs. You gotta give her points for trying.

McGee telling Gibbs “enough!” – Whoa.

“What do you want me to do? Needlepoint my questions?”

Gibbs’ proud little smile when McGee went back in to talk to Penny and didn’t take any of her crap.

“They silenced you?”
“Like anyone could shut me up?” – Haha! Love that. I am loving McGee’s grandmother more and more.

McGee telling Penny all the reasons he loved her and looked up to her. OMG, just break my heart why don’t you, guys? *wipes away tears*

Ewww..a caterpillar with a chip thing in it? Gross!

Abby once again talking herself into a corner by commenting that the 60’s were really far back for her but not so much for Gibbs. Haha, oops.

The way Penny held McGee’s hands while they were taking Max away. So sweet.

Penny telling the story of McGee and the red pumps. LOL!

Penny fanning herself after saying goodbye to Tony. Yeah, that would be me, too.

“In other words, he loves you but has no idea how to show it.” – Wow, what a powerful line.

Haha! Penny and Ducky! Nice!

McGee calling his dad.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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