NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Backstopped” Review


NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Backstopped” Season 3 Episode 3 – Those of you who may have read my review of this week’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 might be thinking that there was one aspect about tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles that I didn’t like. But unlike in that other show, I actually enjoyed the mixing up of the partners in this episode.

Why did I like it? Because *this* mix-up happened amongst partnerships we already knew and that made it interesting – watching as these pairs tried to figure out each of their new partners. Not that I’d want things to stay this way of course, but it was fun for a little while. I felt like it gave us chance to view each character and each partnership differently. They all have their own quirks, but both pairings are their own finely oiled machine and work in their own way.

Heck, I enjoyed this so much that I’d even be on board with mixing it up again at some point in the future. I liked seeing Deeks with Sam and Kensi with Callen, but I’d also love to see what would happen if Kensi was paired with Sam, and Deeks with Callen again.

For now though, I am very happy that everyone on the team is back where they belong. Hetty is back where she belongs, too and I have to admit that I let out the biggest sigh of relief when Hetty showed up with her tray of tea. Also, how can I not mention the fact that Hetty also brought with her some information about Callen’s mother? We’ve gotten her name so far and knowing how much Callen was aching for any news about who he was, that was enough to set me to tears just as it did him.

My favorite bits..

Cracking up at the traffic chick joking about taking a pic of the great traffic in Los Angeles. Yep, that would be a miracle all right. LOL.

“I trust Hetty, can’t say the same thing about Hunter.” – Yep, so on board with Callen on that.

Everyone calling Deeks a traitor for siding with Hunter because she gave him a better parking spot. Oh Deeks, you naughty boy!

Callen getting a bit more info on the Comescu family.

“You ready for the Marty Deeks crash course?”
“Can you teach it from the hospital?”

Deeks and Kensi each asking Sam and Callen how to handle their partner. Oh this is gonna be so much fun.

“Got any tips on how to housebreak an angry Navy SEAL?”
“Yeah, let him drive.”

Deeks talking to himself as he followed Sam out of the squadroom.

Deeks seriously trying to stare down Sam to assert himself as the alpha of their pack. It’s funny cuz it could never happen.

“Please do something stupid so my partner can shoot you.”

“No one’s ever beat up the soles of my shoes with his face like that.” – ROTFLMAO! Poor Deeks, but that was freaking hilarious.

Callen getting out of the car with a look on his face that matches one that I have when I’m a passenger for some people, too.

“You were the weird kid on the playground obsessed with fire, weren’t you?” – You know, I could totally see little Sam as that kid.

“When is Hetty coming back?”
“Good question.” – Yep, that’s what I keep saying too.

Sam asking Deeks if he needed to get his hair and makeup done before he went undercover, too.

Callen pointing out that maybe he didn’t open up much, but neither did Kensi. Huh, very good point.

Sam claiming “Deeks” as his safe word. Ha! I like it.

Callen looking at Sam on the screen and saying that he should be there with him.

Thinking Callen had an interesting point when he said that Hunter seemed to be keeping the team busy and off-balance for a reason.

Nell mumbling “plenty” when Eric was theorizing what could possibly go wrong with their plan. LOL.

“Three partners in one day, I’m feeling all giddy.”

Redmond defending Sam and getting shot for his trouble. Oh noes!

The bad guy realizing he’d just trapped himself in a building full of explosives. Ooops.

The entire team diving out of the way of the bomb in almost perfect unison.

Sam and Callen checking on each other to make sure they were okay and Sam and Kensi doing the same thing. Awww!

Yay! Hetty! *cheers*

Yep, I totally knew Hunter would be in that pic.

Practically losing it right there with Callen when Hetty said she would tell him all about his mother. Him trying to hold back his tears killed me.

Loving the Final Blackout Moment – “Clara…her name was Clara.”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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