CSI “Bittersweet” Review

CSI “Bittersweet” Season 12 Episode 3 – CSI began in a very rare manner this week with “Bittersweet”, as one of the actual crime lab members found a decomposed dead body at an art exhibit. You wouldn’t catch me dead at an art exhibit, but apparently somebody else was found dead there! Sarah also joined Nick on this case since she believed that the dead body was connected to a case that she worked several years ago.

The B-story for the week had Greg and the new girl investigating somebody who drowned in chocolate. I feel like this is starting to turn into a pattern with this show. One case will have most of the team members assigned to it, and will take up the majority of the screen time. Then there will be a secondary case, which is usually not taken as seriously and will not have as many team members assigned to it. I’m still not sure why they do a secondary case when they’re clearly not the focus of the episode. Many times, like this episode, the secondary joke is treated like a joke. A fat guy is drowned in chocolate. Good job, guys.

Thankfully, the main case was good enough to make up for the unnecessary second case. I’m always a fan when certain members of the team get emotionally involved in their cases, so it was nice to have Sarah so invested in Gina going back to jail. I feel like Sarah is barely ever emotionally into the cases, so it was nice to see her get more involved in the show. It was especially awesome to see her announce to Gina’s neighbors about how dangerous she was.

Overall this was a solid episode, but I wish that the CSI writers would focus more on delivering a single exciting, satisfying case and not splitting their focus onto a second case. Quality over quantity, guys!

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Random Thoughts:

– The guy who played Ed, Gina Sinclair’s stalker and attacker was on two of my favorite shows: Dexter and Parks and Recreation. He makes good choices!

– Is a “Pube recall” the worst kind of recall ever? I think so.

– I feel like people don’t talk about Sarah’s gap tooth as much as it needs to be. It’s quite distracting.