BODY OF PROOF “Missing” Review

BODY OF PROOF “Missing” Season 2 Episode 3 – With the help of two bodies, Megan must find a kidnapped child in “Missing,” this week’s Body of Proof.

When a nanny is run over trying to stop her charge from being taken, the investigators find themselves with a critical deadline, as the boy is an asthmatic without his inhaler. They’re joined in their search by an FBI agent who takes an instant interest in Megan.

Eventually, a suspect is taken into custody, but twenty minutes later, he keels over and dies in a locked interrogation room with only Detective Bud as a witness. Did he take his questioning a little too far? And how will they find the child now that his kidnapper is dead?

It’s up to Megan to use the kidnapper’s body in order to find the child. Thanks to a wood fungus and a deadly bacteria, she’s able to figure out that one of the other nannies in the park on the day the child was taken was the dead man’s partner. The child is rescued before he dies of pneumonia and Megan gets an invitation to ride on the FBI agent’s motorcycle.

The crux of the episode for me was Detective Bud grappling with the idea that he might have been responsible for killing the kidnapper. He definitely wasn’t delicate with the man and he did lock himself into a room with him after disabling the security camera. Bud seems like a character who doesn’t often doubt himself, so it was a nice moment of personal growth as he contemplated his own culpability.

Even Megan didn’t get on my nerves as much as she has in the past, perhaps because she didn’t spend the episode picking fights with her boss about their entwined personal lives. Instead, she faced off against her mother, a judge running for political office, and we either learned or were reminded that Megan’s father killed himself when she was younger. Megan is understandably upset with her mother for using an image of the two of them at her father’s funeral in her campaign literature. In the end, Mama comes through with a very important warrant and all seems forgiven for the time being.

This was a better episode of Body of Proof than the last few and I think it was entirely due to Megan not being quite as Megan-y as she has before. I like that she speaks her mind, but I don’t (and won’t ever) appreciate her taking snipes at her boss whenever she’s feeling like a bad mother. Maybe if she goes out with FBI guy, she’ll relax a little.

What did you think of the episode? Team FBI guy or Team Peter? Will you be cleaning out all the filters in your home now? Let me know below!