WAREHOUSE 13 “Emily Lake; Stand” Review

Warehouse 13

WAREHOUSE 13 “Emily Lake; Stand” Season 3 Finale – Phew! I’m not sure where to start with the season 3 finale of WAREHOUSE 13 except. WHOA. The finale was two separate episodes, but for the purpose of this recap I’m just going to treat it as one.

To begin: safe in the Warehouse, the gang discovers (finally) that they’ve been infiltrated by “bugs” through the painting that Stukowski handed over a few episodes ago. They discover that Walter Sykes is actually the mastermind of the entire plot to bring down the Warehouse and the chase is back on!

Once Pete takes care of the bugs, we realize that Sykes is up to a lot more than what we initially thought. He’s not just after the Collodi bracelet that Jane took from him years ago; now he wants revenge. Jane figures that the bugs are a major security breach and clues us in that Sykes has been looking for a file called Atlas 66. Myka REALLY wants to get in on that file, but Jane forbids anyone from looking into it; it’s for Regent eyes only.

Does that stop Myka, Pete, or Claudia? Nope. They start their own investigation and work out (from Claudia’s hacker knowledge) where Sykes may be working from. Turns out they were in for a bigger surprise – it’s not Claudia’s hacker friend Tyler but the signature DID lead them straight to H.G. Wells who is now working as an English teacher in Cheyenne.

Meanwhile we learn that Jinks is now working for Sykes (BOOOOOO!) and is willing to help him retrieve his Collodi bracelet with the promise that he can return to the ATF afterwards. So, off trot Jinks and Marcus (Sykes other henchmen) to run a very important errand for their boss.

When they are presented with everything that Pete and Myka have discovered about H.G., Artie and Jane come clean and explain that instead of imprisoning her; they actually split H.G. into two personalities using the two-faced Janus coin. This artifact was able to lock all of H.G’s memories in a hologram thing, while her BODY was embedded with memories of her as a school teacher named Emily Lake.

Following Pete and Myka’s trail, Jinks and Marcus show up to take H.G. to Sykes. After a scuffle (where Marcus falls five stories and manages to survive with no problem) they begin interrogating H.G. but she has no recollection of anything that anyone is talking about.

Moving along – Claudia is beside herself that Jinks is now “dark side”, but manages to gather herself and help everyone retrieve the Janus coin. Here’s where Pete has a great idea – destroy the coin and Sykes won’t be able to get what he wants. Myka is appalled at this idea – you’d be killing a brilliant mind, not to mention a PERSON, but H.G. agrees to it and says her goodbyes.

Pete sets out to destroy the coin, but is too slow. Marcus and Jinks show up and Jinks chases down Claudia and the coin. We hear two shots fired and Jinks comes back with the Janus coin and tells Pete to see to Claudia. He and Marcus leave with Pete and Myka running towards the gunshots.

Turns out Claudia is A-Okay! Jinks isn’t really a traitor after all – he’s just working undercover! Jinks had given Claudia Sykes location and off the agents go to stop his plan.

This is when Warehouse 13 almost killed me. They arrive and Pete bursts into the airplane hanger, but it’s too late – Jinks is dead and Sykes is long gone. When Claudia saw Jinks’ body in that chair I thought I was going to lose it. It was REALLY hard for me to hold in tears as she knelt down and held his hand. and then the remainder of the finale Claudia’s grief is so tangible you could almost feel it hanging in the air.

Back at the Warehouse, Claudia finds a memory card that Jinks hid in a lighter with a video telling everyone that Sykes is on his way to Hong Kong. Pete and Myka jump on a plane under Jane’s orders – they have to keep Sykes out of the Regent sanctum.

However, it’s too late! Sykes has found the location, but a very cut throat game of chess is preventing the door from opening. Using Cecil B. Demille’s riding crop, Sykes has H.G. force Myka into the hot seat of the chess game. While H.G gives Myka the moves, anytime one of her pieces is “checked” an axe falls dangerously closer to splitting Myka’s head in two.

Now, we all know Myka isn’t going to die, and H.G. manages to beat the game. This successfully opens a portal into the Warehouse which is currently under attack from Marcus. He’s planning on using Black Barty’s cannon on the Warehouse which will destroy it. But fear not! Jane’s Ramadi shackle senses danger and throws up a force-field over the Warehouse sealing everyone inside and keeping danger out.

Back in Hong Kong, the portal is now open and Sykes strolls in with Pete under his control. Jane and Artie try to explain that the Collodi bracelet is the reason that Sykes has such a darkness in him – the bracelet causes the wearer to have a huge longing that can never be filled. He doesn’t rightly care and takes the bracelet anyway, which allows him to hop out of his wheelchair and walk.

Meanwhile, Marcus has Leena cuffed to a chair and is intending to kill her the same way he killed Jinks when Mrs. F shows up with an artifact. Marcus drops the syringe and we find out that Marcus is actually being kept alive with an artifact. Cut to Claudia who stops a metronome and Marcus drops to the ground, dead. The metronome is what was keeping him alive. Mrs. F wants Claudia to give it back to her, but Claudia refuses saying it’s for Jinks.

Back inside the Warehouse, Jane knocks out Sykes to stop him from killing Pete and heads towards the portal into Hong Kong with Sykes following. Pete manages to close the portal, killing Sykes and dropping the bracelet into his mother’s hands.

However, Sykes has one more trick up his sleeve. He’s wired a nuclear artifact behind and no one can figure out how to defuse it. Cut to H.G. throwing up a shield to protect Myka, Artie, and Pete. She sacrifices herself and we see the Warehouse implode with all of the artifacts inside. It rocks the B&B and Claudia and Leena watch as Mrs. F is knocked out of her chair and becomes a skeleton and dissolves in front of them. Ew.

Now the Warehouse is destroyed and Artie, Pete, and Myka are left in the rubble. Pete says “We lost.” and Artie, holding McPherson’s watch says plainly “Not yet.” and we’re stuck waiting until 2012 to find out what the heck is going to happen to our favorite agents.

GREAT finale. It had twists, turns, deaths, and hopefully will spawn a resurrection. because I want Jinks back NOW.

What did you think of the Warehouse 13 finale? Will you check back in 2012 for new episodes? Can we wait that long??

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