THE PLAYBOY CLUB “A Matter of Simple Duplicity” Review

The Playboy Club

THE PLAYBOY CLUB “A Matter of Simple Duplicity” Episode 3 – There’s drama on THE PLAYBOY CLUB this week when a reporter auditions for a Bunny position and works undercover for her story! What did she find out?

Well, nothing overly interesting. While this would have been a perfect opportunity for some red flags to be raised about Maureen’s involvement with the death of the mob boss, it turns out that the best the reporter could come up with was Janie’s involvement in different crimes before she became a Bunny. So much for that awesome plot line.

That’s not all that happened on The Playboy Club, though. Sean is now working for Dalton’s campaign. He decides that it be best if Dalton has a different woman on his arm – one that doesn’t work at The Playboy Club. Enter Frances Dunhill, daughter of one of the richest and most powerful men in Chicago. The public will love her, and dating her will also almost guarantee funding for Dalton’s campaign.

Turns out that Frances has an agenda of her own – she’s a lesbian and needs Dalton as her cover up for her father. Dalton doesn’t know this, but goes along with the relationship, even though things are hot and heavy with him and Carol-Lynne.

Carol-Lynne pretends that she’s fine with this arrangement; she understands that her image isn’t great for Dalton’s political aspirations. However, she shows Dalton by appearing at dinner with his opponent, and tries to play it off as a coincidence.

There was something off about The Playboy Club this week. It wasn’t as fun or flirty as it has been the past two episodes. I did appreciate more Sean Maher (because um. I love him and started The Playboy Club because he was in it), and enjoy his storyline with Alice. But the rest of “A Matter of Simple Duplicity” seemed flat to me. Hopefully this will pick up in future episodes!

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