HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Stinson Missile Crisis” Review

The Stinson Missile Crisis

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Stinson Missile Crisis” Season 7, Episode 4 – On this week’s How I Met Your Mother, we got to see exactly how Robin has been handling the new page in Barney’s life and, as we all suspected, she hasn’t been doing very well at all.

It’s a good thing that Robin finally got around to seeing a therapist, but it’s not such a good thing that she was only there as part of a court mandated requirement for an assault on a girl that fell for Barney’s “Cold Call 5000” scheme. I loved that Robin treated her time with the therapist as more of a second chance to explain the attack instead of as an opportunity to hash out her feelings about Barney, her daddy issues, or any of the other little things that make Robin not as well adjusted as she believes she is.

Even though I felt terrible for her it was hard not to laugh at Robin as she spiraled from jealousy to depression. Barney continued to unknowingly twist the knife in Robin’s heart by calling her a bro, a dude and man instead of seeing her as a woman. In this case, I actually wanted Nora to pull a Victoria and find herself permanently assigned in Europe somewhere so that Barney might see a glimmer of Robin the way she wanted him to see her.

I got some of the biggest laughs in this How I Met Your Mother episode while watching Barney go through his arsenal of “Bimbo Delivery Systems” as he said goodbye to his old lifestyle. Although the free breast reduction consultation and the Port Authority schemes were great, my favorite was probably his “Jack Fantastic” scheme where he pretended to be an understanding gay hairdresser with a fabulous straight twin brother.

Somehow, Robin squeezed Ted, Lily and Marshall into the story she was telling her therapist in a way that barely makes any connection at all. Ted had implanted himself onto “Team Baby” with Lily and Marshall and had an opinion on everything about Lily’s pregnancy.

For as crazy as Lily can get in her normal state, she was surprisingly subdued when it came to reacting to Ted’s ludicrous assertions. I would think that with the extra dose of hormones coursing through her veins, Lily would have had a bigger fit. I also had no idea that Cheetos were to be avoided during pregnancy. Were they just referring to junk food in general? Or is there something specific about Cheetos that poses a risk to pregnant women?

There was a flash forward in this episode to Lily’s labor which showed us that neither Marshall nor Ted were in that sterile room with her and Dr. Sonya. Although it seems like Lily’s labor is so far away, I’m looking forward to that episode of How I Met Your Mother and seeing how Ted and Marshall will explain their absence after having prepped so early on with their two man birthing class.

The episode wrapped up with a hilarious photo slideshow of Marshall, Lily and Ted’s history of awesome, yet poorly conceived costumes for trios. Personally, I’d love to see Team Baby back in a trio costume for Halloween this year on How I Met Your Mother before they add a baby sized bay leaf to their salt, pepper and cumin costume line up.