HART OF DIXIE “Parades & Pariahs” Review

Parades and Pariah

HART OF DIXIE “Parades & Pariahs” Episode 2 – HART OF DIXIE is by far my favorite new show of the fall season. The CW is doing a GREAT job with this adorable hour long comedy and I sincerely hope that they keep it around.

Rachel Bilson is just absolutely adorable as Dr. Zoe Hart, and in this second episode of the premiere season she only increases her adorableness. This week Zoe is trying to become “one” with the people of Bluebell. She wants to follow in her father’s footsteps, but in order to do that she has to gain the trust of the small town. which is no easy feat.

Zoe runs into problems from every turn – patients don’t trust her so they won’t allow her to treat them, she has like. three friends in the entire town, and the Breelands are all set to run her out of town. So much in fact that Brick Breeland has George looking into overturning the will that allows Hart half of the medical practice.

It turns out that Zoe needs to retain 30% of the paitents or Brick can buy her out – and with the way things are going, it doesn’t look like she’s going to be able to make this happen. Enter Lavon Hayes. It’s Founder’s Day, and apparently the best way to become one with the people of Bluebell is to ride on the Mayor’s float in the parade.

Unfortunately, Zoe tends to overreact when presented with a case of paralysis in the clinic. She jumps to the worst conclusion she could think of, and isn’t very sympathetic when treating the patient. Enter Brick, who explains that the man is suffering from tick poisoning – not the fatal disease that Zoe thought.

He also takes the opportunity to poke fun at her – she’s from New York and wouldn’t know the difference between a tick and a taxi cab. Poor Zoe. However, she does need to work on her beside manner.

Zoe does end up redeeming herself (even though the town doesn’t know it) in this episode of Hart of Dixie. Turns out that Lemon’s cousin (who is supposed to be dancing on the float with the Belles) is suffering from MS, but hasn’t told a soul. Zoe keeps her secret and treats her for the condition despite her instinct that the girl sits out the parade.

One thing leads to another and to keep her secret, Zoe ends up crashing her float, Lemon’s float, and running Founder’s Day. This isn’t the best way to get in the good graces of Bluebell.

Like I said at the beginning of the review – Hart of Dixie is adorable. It’s well written, it’s quirky, and it’s funny. It is a perfect series for The CW, and I hope it continues!

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