GLEE “Asian F” Review

GLEE “Asian F” Season 3 Episode 3 – If it seems like you’ve seen all the plots contained within “Asian F” a dozen times before on Glee…just keep thinking about how awesome Mike Chang was during every single one of his scenes. And if you didn’t choke up a little when he started dancing with his mom, you may need a heart transplant.

After Mike receives an A- (an Asian F), his father blames the glee club and Tina and possibly drugs. But it turns out Mike is just understandably overwhelmed. School, football, girlfriend, dance camp, glee and now he’s trying out for Riff in West Side Story. Give him a break! The boy just wants to dance!

No, seriously. He just wants to dance and why not? He’s so good at it. I could watch his cover of “Cool” over and over again. When he tells his mother he wants to be a dancer, instead of being the Tiger Mom we all expected, she tells him to follow his dream like she never followed her own. Yet another Glee parent who’s doing it right. That makes two now. Three if you count Finn’s mom.

Unfortunately, other than the sweetness of Mike’s long overdue storyline, everything else has been done before. Mercedes is being a diva. Everyone hates Rachel because she’s good and she has the audacity to know it. Britney is unexpectedly brilliant. Emma is OCD crazy, although now we at least know why…she has a pair of ginger-supremacist parents. Thanks for bringing them back into her life to satisfy your own need to be liked by everyone, Will. Doesn’t matter how many Coldplay songs you sing; your girlfriend needs therapy.

I’m a little tired of the constant Rachel-Mercedes showdowns. They’re always instigated by Mercedes who wakes up one morning every month and decides she deserves all the solos in the club, even though she doesn’t put in one-tenth of the energy and dedication that Rachel displays on her worst days. Is Rachel annoying? Of course she is. Can Mercedes belt out a tune? Darn straight! But does she deserve to be Maria over Rachel?

Honestly, the part shouldn’t go to either of them; they’re not sopranos. It should be Tina taking the stage, but in the end, it comes down to the divas and when they’re double-casted, Mercedes and her Ego can’t take it. She quits the play, quits the club and defects to Shelby’s rival group.

I know we’re supposed to sympathize with Mercedes and revile Rachel, but Mercedes was so unlikeable in this episode that she made the forced unlikeability of Rachel pale in comparison. After all the claims of sickness and the Effie White salute, I honestly thought Mercedes was going to announce that she was pregnant. Actually, I still feel like that could happen sometime soon.

So, the cast list comes out. In addition to Rachel as Maria, Mike gets Riff (awesome), Santana gets Anita (perfect) and Blaine gets Tony (and Kurt does the worst impression of being happy for him). I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the West Side Story score this season. It’ll keep Rachel distracted from this nutso idea of running for senior class president against Britney and Kurt. Where the heck did that come from, Glee? Haven’t you purposely made Rachel hated enough already??

Oh, and as a special note to the wardrobe department…please burn Kurt’s faux-leather hat tribute to the Confederate Army. Immediately.

Best Line (there was really only one that stood out this week):

Mike: It’s what I love to do. It’s never going to be a waste of time.

What did you think of the episode? Are you on Team Mercedes or Team Rachel? Do you wish Artie could have actual lines again? Let me know below!