90210 “Let the Games Begin” Review

90210 Let The Games Begin

90210 “Let the Games Begin” Season 4 Episode 4 – Just when I thought 90210 was getting a bit dull, this episode comes along and picks things up a bit. Can we start with Jim? The guy whom I suspected was an investigator for the insurance company is actually Jim. He is alive and does not want his wife or Liam to know. Too bad the person he confided in is Adrianna. That girl has not been good at keeping secrets at all lately. What do you think Jim is up to? Did he want to leave his wife? Does he want them to have the money? Why did he fake his own death? Very intriguing and probably one of the more adult plots in the show.

Navid still has a car theft ring running out of his studio. Also, although he protests about taking “dirty money”, it seems he relented as I am not sure how else he afforded the studio time for Dixon. I do not understand why Navid is in a tough spot. He did not know what his dad’s shady friend was up to. Couldn’t he have just gone to the police immediately? Now it is a bit late having spent some of the crime money and all.

It was nice of Dixon to take this opportunity that has been handed to him and blow it by become a full blown drug addict. Anyone else interested to hear those genius lyrics that Dixon spewed after all that ADHD medicine? I bet it was amazingly incoherent. I also wonder how he is affording the drugs since he doesn’t have any money and can barely pay for rent or a pizza. We know he is not an escort. It appears that Annie, however, has chosen to be one after the Kappa scholarship turned out to be a bust. I knew Holly would never sponsor her.

Other refreshing news is the return of Max. Naomi is best when she has her “geek” around. That is the reason I actually like her sorority despite the cliched movie plot. I think she excels at being the queen, but I love the softer side that these people bring out in her. I cannot say that I totally dislike the darker side of her either. It made for some hot scenes with Austin. Why does Naomi always fall for the bad guys? Do you think she will stay with Max or do you think her hormones will eventually take over, again?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of 90210? Getting better or worse? Is anyone else kind of creeped out with Adrianna’s almost robotic appearance these days? Tell me what you think down below.

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